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BMX News Stuffs

Sep 17 2002 / Tuesday

o Mike Escamilla spent all of last week on the Sprite Liquid Mix tour with a few of his good riding friends, doing demos on some sketchy ramps that they had to build themselves. The tour worked its way back from the East Coast with the last two shows in California—the first at Irvine Meadows and the last up in San Francisco. Jodie, Mike’s wife, picked him up from LAX on Sunday evening - Mike sure is glad to be home.

o Taj Mihelich has been home working hard at T1 this last week. He is also really looking forward to the Austin art show which was held at the infamous Ritz bar this past Friday, which features photography and artwork from various BMX riders. Taj has been working on this with Etnies teammate Sandy Carson. Taj has been riding as much as possible on street and the T1 ramp, even though it has been hot as hell and raining a bunch.

o Joe Rich is still down with a bum thumb and—according to Etnies teammate Sandy Carson—it looks gnarly (pins sticking out). Somehow, Joe still remains in good cheer, which amazes everyone. Joe gets the pins out in about ten days, gets a cast put on and then, the real healing begins. Following that, he will start therapy. Joe has been working at T1 constantly and also helping out with the arrangements for the Austin art show.

o After Ruben Alcantara left Woodward, he went on tour with the MacNeil team in the Mid-West, which included Etnies teammate Dave Freimuth.

o Dave Freimuth started the week out on tour with the MacNeil team. On Friday, he headed out to Southern California to attend good friend Nate Hanson’s wedding on Saturday. Dave spent the weekend just enjoying himself and partying. Late Saturday night, Dave attended superstar Rick Thorne’s house party with some friends Dave and left Monday to go back on tour.

o Josh Stricker has been working on graphics for his upcoming signature frame with S&M bikes out of Santa Ana. At home, he went on a little road trip to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to ride the Posh trails, as well as street with some friends there. He has also been riding street back home in Philly.

o Jason Enns had been taking it a little easy last week, with finishing his interview and photos for an upcoming issue of Ride BMX. Jason has also been working at Vancouver’s Premier BMX store, Aversion, which, according to Jason, is kicking butt—even though it has only been open for a couple of months. Jason, as well as good riding friend Dave Osato, have been planning a trip out to Vancouver Island, where there are a bunch of awesome concrete skateparks. This trip will take them up to the boarder of Alaska before the weather gets bad.

o Nate Hanson’s priority last week was taking care of wedding arrangements for last Saturday. The ceremony went off flawlessly and I must say Nate looked quite “Hansom” and also smelled way better than I have ever smelled him before (he usually has some really stinky pads on)! His wife Michelle looked awesome, and they were married at the Sea Front Hilton in Huntington Beach in front of about two hundred witnesses. Besides doing the wedding thing, Nate has been working at Primo, as usual. Unfortunately, he had to miss out on riding last week, but he’ll be back on the horse until he leaves for his honeymoon in Hawaii this Friday.

o Edwin Delarosa spent the majority of last week out here in Cali filming parts for the upcoming Forward DVD with Dave Parrick. He went to ASR down in San Diego on Thursday and left for home in NYC on Friday with a few flight problems. Edwin arrived home super-late on Friday, but was raring to go on Saturday, hitting the streets with his friends—including former Etnies flow rider Vic Ayala.

o Sandy Carson arrived home at the beginning of last week from a huge solo road trip where he visited numerous BMX hot spots—including Bethlehem, NYC, Oklahoma City and Louisville, Kentucky. While gone, he was shooting photos for DIG magazine—not only of others, but also for himself. Sandy got home to find himself consumed with responsibilities—like making sure the Austin art show went smoothly with the help of Etnies teammate Taj Mihelich and good friend Dave Vandermass, who also works at T1. Sandy has also been riding while at home, getting a few sessions in on the T1 ramp—even though it has been raining a bit. He rode with some kids in an undercover garage last weekend and said he had one of the best times just doing 360s on the ground and having fun on his bike again with these little kids. As Sandy explained, it is sometimes so easy to forget why we ride—just going out and having fun doing the smallest thing can give you such a rush.

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