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Billy Marks is a mad man!

Sep 17 2002 / Tuesday

o After taking care of some trade show business and irritating cell phone problems, Carlos DeAndrade finally spent the rest of the week relaxing and skating at the Volcom training facility.

o If you haven’t seen it yet, Fabrizio Santos has an amazing kickflip photo in the current issue of Thrasher. It’s a two-page spread at a loading dock spot, really good work. It’s a couple of pages after Josh Harmony’s photo of a 180 nose-grind down a rail. Good issue for Etnies!

o Chris Lambert should have a ten to fourteen-page interview coming out in SBC, the main Canadian skate magazine. Shot by Jody throughout the year, Chris gathered up more than enough photos to pull it off. It should be out by now, so keep your eyes peeled.

o Mike V is super-stoked on our upcoming Ventage shoe and also likes a lot of the other stuff we have coming out next Spring. He’s also into the simplicity of his third shoe, which is now in the works and should be out in the future. Mike’s been playing at shows and, of course, working on his new board company, Vallely Skateboards, recruiting and keeping his eyes open for future teamriders.

o Rob G has a severe case of poison oak right now, which he got while camping up in Big Sur. He’s been skating a lot and got some stuff done with Jon Humphries, even though he’s not supposed to do anything—especially sweat. Sweating causes poison oak to spread. Poor Rob. Jon’s got photos of it, too.

o Lincoln Ueda has been skating with good friend Sandro Dias lately. They’ve been pushing each other a lot, and since Sandro is working on an ad with Reef, maybe Lincoln can come through with some surprise photos for Thrasher (Mike Burnett’s been shooting them).

o Jesse Fritsch played music with his band at the trade show this last weekend. He’s been hard at work, traveling a ton and representing his new board sponsor, Vallely Skateboards. Now that the hectic traveling schedule is over, Jesse’s going to play music and relax, since he hasn’t really been home in a while.

o Zered Bassett is still on the Sprite / Skateboarder magazine tour with a bunch of people for a couple more weeks until he visits home again.

o Tony Silva is down in San Diego staying at Josh Beagle’s house, hanging-out and street-skating with the rest of the Foundation crew. The whole team just got back from their California tour and is taking a break from traveling. Tony is out trying to shoot his Etnies ad at the moment. It should be cool to see what he comes up with.

o Ryan Sheckler is totally back on his board now. I believe he’s done shooting his Tensor trucks ad and is now working on a little something with the Volcom peeps. Ryan also has an Etnies ad coming up pretty soon.

o Josh Harmony keeps it going, getting work done on a constant basis. Last weekend, we went out with Pete Hellicar and Jon Humphries to a ten-stair rail in Rialto. Smith-grind, nose-grind, five-0, and frontside crooks all went down first try. We have to go back to get a frontside blunt—maybe this weekend. Two days later, Josh and Billy went to the Hollywood High rail where Josh frontisde crooked it twice. On the ASR weekend, Josh also entered the handrail contest at the Tum Yeto booth and made it to the finals with a couple of amazing tricks. More to come…

o Billy Marks Recent Accomplishments:
- Won $10,000 at the best trick contest at the trade show this weekend with a kickflip boardslide (straight and fakie), kickflip frontside lipslide, pop shove it lipslide, and kickflip feeble. Total annihilation!
- Kickflip frontside lipslide on the Hollywood High twelve-stair.
- Is working on a Thrasher interview with Mike Burnett. He’s already four photos deep—two or three more to go.
- Is also starting on his Slap interview with Lance Dawes, and already has two photos.
- Is getting his first bank account and a cell phone.
- Filming every time he gets a chance.
- Working his butt off!

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