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Who's Filming For The Forward DVD?

Sep 3 2002 / Tuesday

o Mike Escamilla has been at home for the first part of the week, hanging with his wife and daughter Haley. During the second half of the week, he went to check out the Warped Tour and then took off to do the Sprite Tour.

o Joe Rich has been at home skating some and working at T1, as well as filming and taking pictures of Taj —possibly for a future T1 video. Joe has also been doing artwork on his computer and checking into getting his injured thumb worked on.

o As usual, Taj Mihelich has been working super hard at T1—skating some, riding some street, and sessioning the T1 seven-foot mini-ramp in the back of the warehouse on his bike. Dave Parrick was in Austin last weekend to do some top-secret filming with Taj for the soon to be released Forward DVD, the new footage promises to be amazing!

o Upon Ruben Alcantara’s arrival back in the U.S. from Spain, he attended the X-Games in Philly, but didn’t have much fun because, according to him, the course was way too big (the best-placing Etnies rider was Sergio Layos, also from Spain). After the event, both Ruben and Sergio went to Woodward Camp in Pennsylvania, where they are staying till the end of the week just to have fun, relax, ride and hang out with the campers.

o Nate Wessel was in Philadelphia for the X Games just to chill, see friends and check out the event, which according to Nate is actually more of a TV show than a contest. He returned to Woodward Camp to have fun and ride with the campers, but he keeps hurting his wrist just slightly—sometimes keeping him off of his bike a couple of days at a time, which is becoming a little frustrating for him.

o Nate Hanson is ninety-nine percent settled in his new place, but is still waiting for the carpet to show-up, since he needs to get all the furniture in. These are his last couple of weeks of being a single man—he’s getting married on the 7th of September to his beautiful fiancé, Michelle. Nate has been working at Primo on ad stuff and also designing new parts to try and rock the world of BMX. He has also been riding a bunch, as usual, at the Primo compound, Vans in Orange and the new Hollywood Sports Park in Bellflower—where he also has been shooting pictures with Jared Souney for an Etnies ad. Nate is going to Austin this coming Wednesday to work on Taj’s second Primo tire.

o Josh Stricker has been keeping himself busy while out of school by riding a lot of street on his own and with Etnies team mate Edwin Delarosa in Philadelphia. Josh was also hanging-out at the X-Games, socializing with friends and just having a good time. He’s been getting some of the last possible sessions in at the Reading, Pennsylvania park that is due to be torn down for some housing development. He and his riding buddies, which include street legend Van Homan, had a farewell BBQ there at the park, which a ton of locals attended to show their support and have a fun time.

o Sandy Carson has been keeping a low profile lately, hanging out at Woodward Camp, just riding with his friends and chilling with the campers. Sandy has been making small trail-riding trips out to various spots while based at Woodward, hitting spots closer to Philly—like the Minerville Trails that he liked so much. Sandy will be going home to Austin in the next couple of weeks.

o Ian Morris has started getting the next Backyard Jam together, which is to take place in Derby, England on October 25-27. He put together a small contest at the local park in Hastings to celebrate Richard (Boyley) Ball’s birthday, who tragically died prematurely this year. Ian said that the place was packed—well over a hundred kids came out to ride and have fun. Seventies and Lord Clothing donated prizes.

o Garrett Byrnes has been busy building a small, twelve-foot wide, four-foot tall ramp in his backyard for skateboarding. He has also been surfing quite a bit locally near his house in New Jersey (no more shark encounters, so far). Garrett has been riding a lot by his house, whether it be trails, street or the Asbury pool that he claims was unintentionally made for riding.

o As usual, Edwin Delarosa has been riding a crap load on the streets and going to Philadelphia to hang with Etnies team mate Josh Stricker. While in Philly, Edwin has come to like transitions a little more. You can’t really avoid them when you ride with guys who ride everything in their paths. Edwin has been filming with Dave Parrick for the Etnies Forward DVD coming soon. According to Parrick, some stuff Edwin has been doing has to be seen to be believed. Edwin learned Truck Drivers last week on box jumps, and is now taking them to the streets.

o Jason Enns has been taking things easy lately, working at an awesome BMX only shop in Vancouver called Aversion. Jason has also been scoping-out new spots for his upcoming interview in Ride BMX, which he has been getting photos for with Mark Losey. As always, Jason rides super-hard hitting all the concrete parks on a regular, early-in-the-day basis.

o Dave Freimuth has been at home working on getting the Props Super Tour together and looking forward to the Baco Halloween Jam that will follow the Props trip. Dave has been riding a lot locally in Appleton, Wisconsin at the outdoor concrete parks, as well as riding Area 51.

o Mike Griffin had been riding trails the last couple of weeks, but unfortunately recently sprained his wrist. Mike has also been extensively filming for the Metal Bikes video due out soon, and can often be found fishing with his son, an excellent fisherman from what I hear.

o Skate Street is finally 100 percent done, so Brian Terada has been having a blast riding there, as well making a couple trips down to the Block of Orange to ride the Vans Park. Brian has been filming and scoping-out new spots to get footage for the upcoming Etnies Forward BMX DVD that he’s been working on with Dave Parrick. He’s also been working at the Camarillo bike factory.

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