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Etnies FDR Skate Jam

Sep 3 2002 / Tuesday

Saturday, August 17, 2002
report from Craig Metzger (Etnies East Coast Marketing)

The X-games came back to Philly this year and with it came controversy. Most of the controversy surrounded Love Park and it’s new “beautification” program (stop all skateboard activity). They basically put crappy planters around the park and wood benches that will eventually fall victim to weather. They sand blasted the ledges, but left the angle irons and the chips. They forget to tell the crack heads and homeless people about the “beautification” program, so they remain at Love Park.

Besides the controversy of Love Park, the tragic death of a young skateboarder and Philly resident Patrick Kerr was still fresh in everyone’s mind. Patrick was hit by a vehicle and killed earlier this year while skateboarding. Patrick loved to skate Love Park, he loved skateboarding and he was one of the youngest members of Franklins Paine (a Philly non-profit organization that raises awareness and money for more skate parks).

With all of this going on, we held our second annual Etnies FDR BBQ in honor of Patrick Kerr and true skateboarding. Philly really supported the event, even giving us mentions on local radio stations. We were all pumped for this years BBQ for so many reasons.

I got to Philly early this year and decided instead of going to the X-Games, I would see the sites in Philly. I visited museums and galleries like the 222 Gallery where a skateboard art show called “Separations” was on display. Philly is a beautiful city and has so much to offer in the form of culture.

The day before our BBQ, I went and joined a wholesale supermarket and bought tons of burgers, hotdogs, veggie burgers, 224 bottles of water and tons of buns (how funny is that last line).

The day of the Etnies FDR BBQ, we loaded up the truck and headed down to FDR. Some of the locals greeted us and were stoked to see us back again. We set up the grill and were quickly overwhelmed with people taking part in the free food and drink. All of a sudden, this guy came behind our table and began helping us cook. His name was D-man (aka Dog Man) and he was cracking jokes all day. D-man helped us get the line moving and provided some laughs for all of us. The D-man is an old school skater who frequents FDR and to me really embodies what it means to be a skateboarder (having fun). There were some hot crew skaters there including Brian Seber, Bam, Steve Fass, Tex and many others. The park was crowded and the vibe was really good.

One highlight of the day was when a limo rolled in handing out free product. As the company’s reps were handing out free junk, a skater ran out and bomb dropped off the bumper. This set the tone for what happened next…out of nowhere, a wet hamburger bun flies from the crowd and lands on the windshield. With one bun came a bunch more and the limo was soon being pelted by bread, wet bread. The driver ran to the car and, like a bat of hell, put the car in reverse and jetted out of there. The crowd was laughing so hard as they peeled away.

Big thanks to all the kids and skaters who came out for the Etnies FDR BBQ this year to honor the memory of Patrick Kerr and raise awareness of the need for real skate parks built by skaters.

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