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And another team report just came in

Sep 3 2002 / Tuesday

o Rob G. and Chris Lambert went to Boston last week to do some advanced footwear testing at the newly devolped STI lab, a research organization designed to create the most technologically advanced skateboarding footwear. While there, sensors were attached to their bodies to measure impact and stress points while they skated. Results from the extensive testing will be revealed later on this week, so keep your eyes peeled because this reasearch is the first of it's kind ever! In other news, Lambert has an interview coming out in the next issue of SBC magazine, while Rob G has also been very busy working on his new board sponsor, Populis. With team riders like Cairo Foster, Kenny Reed, Chad Tim Tim and am Raymond Molinar, Populis is ready to represent, and is set for release at this September's ASR tradeshow.

o Carlos DeAndrade has been recently skating the Volcom warehouse again, after training there for the X-Games in Philly, he is back to just have fun and learn new tricks.

o Lincoln Ueda got 9th place at the Gravity Games earlier this month. Unfortunately, Lincoln wasn't really feeling the Gravity Games ramp at all, but made the best of the situation and tried to have fun with it. Lincoln just returned from the X-Games in Philly, and has been doing some demos and skating Bob’s ramp with good friend Sandro Dias.

o Fabrizio Santos has been rolling around his town, destroying the new skatepark near his house, with friend Ricky Bedenbaugh, the New Deal filmer. If you haven't seen the new Thrasher, check it out. Fabrizio has an amazing photo in it of a huge kickflip off a loading dock. Nice!

o Jesse Fritsch has been running around all over the place—but it’s not over yet. I surprised him this morning by sending him to Las Vegas to partake in some demos and autograph signings.

o Besides writing for Skateboarder Magazine, attending skate camp, playing music, and being a family man, Mike Vallely is as busy as ever buliding a team for his new board company, Vallely Skateboards while gearing up for the upcoming ASR tradeshow.

o Brian Patch placed 2nd at the Soul Bowl contest at the beginning of the month, and had to "regulate" in Denver, where he got into a fight with some drunk guy that was purposely trying to get in everyone’s way while kids were trying to skate. Currently Brian is in France for a skateboarding event there, but plans to be home in time for the ASR trade show.

o Ryan Sheckler is back on his skateboard (as well as surfing and riding moto-x), and skating like he never even broke his ankle. While he is still taking it slowly, he's picking everything back up very quickly, and it won't be long before he's fully recovered. Ryan’s working on a Tensor ad right now and getting ready for the new school year. He also just got the cover of the new TWS SkateBiz.

o Josh Harmony just got back from Switzerland and has a great photo of a 180 nose-grind in the new Thrasher. Josh has a lot of photos coming out recently, and is securing amazing footage for a Toy Machine promo, a Toy video and a possible issue of 411. Needless to say, he’s been working his ass off. More to come.

o Tony Silva hasn’t been home since June! He was in Europe all of July and has been touring with Foundation through California since then. Tony is definitely putting in some work right now for Foundation—skating a lot of street, filming and shooting photos, and plans to take a small breather before heading back out for more.

o Zered Bassett is on the East Coast skating and having a lot of fun. Lately, he’s been shooting photos with Gio Reda and just getting shit done. He’s on the cover of the current Skateboarder—enough said!

o Billy Marks has also has been skating a lot. He’s been offered a Thrasher cover by Mike Burnet if he kickflip frontside lipslides the Hollywood High rail. Billy recently gave me a kickflip feeble grind on a ten stair, so I think that cover might be just around the corner. Keep an eye out, hes on fire right now!

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