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Etnies European Skateboard Championships

Aug 27 2002 / Tuesday

Street, Vert, Miniramp-Bowl, Girl’s Jam
16-18 August 2002
Kunsteisbahn Margarethen
Basel, Switzerland

For the second time European Champions: Bastien Salabanzie (FRA) and Lisa Schairer (GER)

From the 16th to the 18th of August 2002 Carhartt presented the Etnies European Skateboard Championships in Basel, Switzerland. 16-year-old Bastien Salabanzie from France is European Champion for the second time in a row. In the Miniramp / Bowl local Oli Bürgin got first and the first place in Vert went to Terence Bougdour from France.

The entire European elite of Skateboarding showed up for the prequalification. Over 170 skateboarders attempted to qualify for the second edition of the Etnies European Skateboard Championships. IOU built an amazing street course with a bar as this contest's highlight.

Qualifications for all three disciplines were on the schedule for Saturday. Dominik Dietrich from Austria qualified first, second was Etnies rider Chris Astrom from Sweden, Stefan Lehnert from Germany got third and fourth place went to Hugo Liard from France.

48 skateboarders competed in the Miniramp / Bowl for the title of European Champion. In vert, three generations of vert riders met. From Nicky Guerrero to Jean Posteca, they all enjoyed a Vertical King Size II ramp.

The results - Girl's Jam Vert: For the first time, we have a female European Champion in Vert - Kristina Neff from Germany. Girl's Jam Street: Steffi Weiss from Germany made the third place, second was Louisa Menke from the Netherlands and first place went to Lisa Schraier from Germany. She also won the European Skateboard Championships 2001.

In the Miniramp / Bowl Oli Bürgin from Basel placed first before his finnish competitor Harri Puupponen and Micky Igesias from Switzerland. Ali Cairns from UK got third in the Vert Ramp, second place went to Giorgio Zattoni from Italy and the french man Terence Bougdour was the winner in the King’s discipline.

Last but not least the results in street: the third place went to Sven Kilchenman from Switzerland, second place to Chris Aström from Sweden and over 4500 spectators saw the kickflip backside lipside from Bastien Salabanzie in his winning run that made him the European Championship for the second time in a row. Congratulations!

1. Bastien Salabanzi FRA
2. Chris Astrom SWE
3. Sven Kilchenmann CH
4. Danny Wainwright UK
5. Stephan Gunther GER
6. Hugo Liard FRA
7. Steve Forstner GER
8. Stefan Lehnert GER
9. Dominik Dietrich AUT
10. Karim Cherif FRA
11. Tobias Albert GER
12. Jo Lorenz GER
13. Stefan Sperka AUT
14. Michael Mackrodt FRA
15. Arto Saari FIN
16. Philipp Gotz AUT
1. Lisa Schairer GER
2. Louisa Menka NL
3. Steffi Weiss GER
4. Esther Vonilon CH
5. Delphine Gaillard CH
6. Jenna Selby UK
7. Denise Bohm GER
8. Silke hilschfelder GER
9. Urska Dalmatin SLO
10. Ninni Perraud NOR
11. Tessa Heeres NLMEN VERT
1. Terence Bougdour FRA
2. Giorgio Zattioni ITA
3. Ali Cairns UK
4. Jean Postec FRA
5. Thomas Madsen DK
6. Thomas Kring DK
7. Peter King UK
8. Sascha Muller GER
9. Volker Petersen GER
10. Nicky Guerrero DK
1. Kristina Neff GER
2. Eva Zirngibl GER
3. Frankziska Stolz CH
4. Denise Bohm GER
1 Oli Burgin Basel, CH
2 Harri Puupponen FIN
3 Micky Iglesias CH
4 Peter King UK
5 Christian Brox NOR
6 Marc Haziza FRA
7 Leif Kristian Thorvik NOR
8 Nicky Guerrero DK
9 Javier Mendizabal SPA
10 Frederik Austbo NOR
11 Dominik Dietrich AUT
12 Michael Nadler AUT

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