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Eva and Marke Newton Interview

Aug 20 2002 / Tuesday

when and where were you born?
Marke: I was born December 29, 1973 in Burnley, Lancashire, England.
Where did you grow up?
Marke: I grew up in Burnley, Nelson and Colnethree different towns.
Eva, where were you born?
Eva: I was born in Ottawa, Canada.
Where did you grow up?
Eva: From birth to the age of fourteen in Ottawa, Canada; from fourteen
to eighteen in the South of France in the Cote dגAzur; then from eighteen
til twenty-two in London, England.
How did you meet Marke?
Eva: I was going to college with MarkeҒs best friend in the North
of England, so one day we met in Londonnearly four years ago.
Marke, how long have you been interested in viewing + making
Marke: Iגve been drawing and making model aeroplanes, and stuff as
long as Ive been aliveҗthat was the beginning of my interest
in art.
Were they motorized planes or just gliders?
Marke: (Laughs) Neitherjust cheap, plastic kits.
just sitting up on the mantle?
Marke: Yeah, I was just decorating them. I started going to galleries and
doing actual art when I was about eighteen. But, I always loved drawing
and painting.
Eva, how long have you been interested in
viewing + making art?
Eva: Ever since I was a kid, I was always crafting things up: making hairclips,
jewelry, trying to sew thingsחeven though I didnt know how
to sew. I was always trying to create thingsҗbuilding clubhouses,
building systems in the house for playing.
Eva: For playing. You know, making smurf villages in our indoor garden.
So, ever since I was a kid, I was always creating things and making things.
Whose idea was it to put on This
Is Me?
Eva: I wanted to put together an exhibitionI was the originator of
the exhibition, then Marke and I started working together on the whole concept.
Who named it?
Marke: I think I named it. The idea of This Is Me is that everything that
someone does is a small part of them. If you skate, you do an ollie in your
own style and in your own certain wayחits always personal.
If you draw a picture or whatever you do, itҒs almost always a self-portrait
or representation of yourself.
Did the name This Is Me
define the show or did the show define the name?
Marke: Ooooh, good question. I cant remember. I think the name pretty
much defined the way the show became. We wanted everything to be very personal
and specifically made for the show, so that everyone would do something
based around that title. So, they couldnҒt avoid the artwork being
very personal, really. Every piece had to represent the artist.
the handbag come before the shoes?
Eva: Absolutely, the handbag was the first ideait was even there
before the exhibition existed. I was designing handbags and wanted to make
one that Marke could paint on. Then I came up with this idea that Evan Hecox
and Marke Newton would paint on handbags for an exhibition that would be
shown in Paris that would attract both the fashion and skateboard worldsחthered
be something for everyone.
How did Etnies get involved?
Eva: We were living in San Diego for six months and became friends with
Eric Obre when he was running Street Machine last summer. We hung-out a
lot, because Eric and I are both French.
What were you
guys doing in San Diego?
Eva: Just trying to find what we wanted to do in life. Find a place we want
to live.
You moved there?
Eva: We just lived thereҗmy sister had a room for rent, so we just
lived with her. Then Eric started working for Etnies as a fashion forecaster.
I called him up and said, Hey, IӒm doing this exhibition with
Evan Hecox and Marke Newton and maybe Dave Kinseytheyגre going
to paint on handbags. He said heԒd really like to do something
with Etnies to involve it with the art scene. So, thats how it came
together. The Scam shoe was proposed as a blank canvas for artists to express
their individuality.
Were you already friends with Evan
Marke: Yeah, we met Evan because of Bod Boyle in San Francisco. Our friends
are friends of his friends, so thatҒs how we met.
you and Evan hang-out much?
Marke: He came to the Tokyo This Is Me show and we hung-out there, but we
didnt have very much timeҗeveryone was busy. But, hes
going to come to Paris and weҒll work together there.
are you going to do when Evan comes over to Paris?
Marke: Hes got ideas for a new kind of work. He wants to do portrait-based
stuff, very freehandҗnot working from photographs. He also wants to
work on a larger scale.
How have you liked the This Is
Me tour so far?
Eva: Its really exciting. Starting off with Tokyo was amazing, because
all the artists came out from Paris and London and hung-out with the American
and Japanese artists. So, that really opened my eyes to what the possibilities
are with getting artists together who donҒt know each other and getting
them to work togetherthat was great. At Los Angeles, the same kind
of thing happened. We got fewer artists together, but Andy Howell, Dave
Kinsey and Marke Newton all got together.
something get knocked over at the LA show?
Eva: Yeah, a painting fell on the floor and the frame was slightly warpedbut
that was about it.
I heard a drunk knocked over one of
the plexiglass towers.
Eva: Yeah, I think one of the boxes got tipped over just because the space
was so small and there were three-hundred people there.
do you like the plexiglass cubes?
Eva: Theyגre really hard to clean, they dont travel very well.
TheyҒre beautiful, thoughabsolutely beautiful. Thank you, Christophe
and Gilles (Etnies) for designing them.
Will you ever do
another show with the cubes?
Eva: I probably will use them again, but Iגll have to find an easier
cleaning technique.
there anything else to cover?
Marke: Definitely the generosity of all the artists involved in the show,
the organizers and people from Etnies, friends of other people who came
along and helpedthat was a really important part of the show.
Eva: One of the things that is important to cover regarding the show is
the diversity of the artists. Etnies wants to encourage individuality and
self-expression in artists by working with this showחbut it also tries
to bring together people from different countries and completely different
artistic backgrounds: including fashion, street, graffiti, graphic design,
film, photography and fine arts. This Is Me is trying to introduce new artists
into different circles who didnt know each other before because these
circles are so closed. So, I think thatҒs what its all aboutҗits
not a specific ғskateboard show or anything like that. ItԒs
a diverse group show.
Marke: I think a really important part of This Is Me is the enthusiasm shown
by the artists in the show, as well as their encouragement and support.
Pretty much everyone whos involved with it has been very enthusiastic
and pushed everything to the limits.

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