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This is me 2002 NY

Aug 14 2002 / Wednesday

The third stop of the This
Is Me art exhibit touched-down at Etnies’ East Coast showroom
smack dab in the middle of Manhattan on the evening of August 8, 2002. With
the opening-night reception running from 7:00 PM ’til midnight, it
didn’t take the large, swanky loft-space very long to start filling-up
with thirsty eyes and mouths—thanks in large part to a gallery full
of diverse and amazing art, plus a cornucopia of that ever-popular whistle-wetter,
the alcoholic beverage. We’re talking a serious volume of Coppola
white wine and red wine, vodka Red Bulls and beer—not to mention a
plethora of other happy sauce that was snuck-in by many of our tasteful
“patrons of the arts”. Halfway through the night, the sardine-packed
house gradually turned into a dance party—signage broken-off, beer
cans on the art displays, framed posters knocked-down the stairwell, sopping-wet
floors, as well as confrontations between security and various and sundry
incorrigibles and display case-leaners. A “battle of the lights”
even ensued—the dancers wanted ’em off; the art viewers, on.
Even though the booze turned people into dance-dance-dance dancin’
machines, people remained positive and a good time was had by all.
Tons of press showed-up, including Mass Appeal, Nylon, Paper, Prophecy, Skateboarder,
Thrasher, Time Out, Tokion, Vapours and others. Several skate luminaries
were in attendance, including Tony Cox, Scott Johnson, Anthony Pappalardo,
Pat Smith and Aaron Suski. Heads from Supreme, Autumn, Special Sauce, New
School and Zoo York skate-shops, plus Futura’s Nort Shoes and A-Life
street culture were also spotted. Skate photog Tobin Yelland; plus artists
Rich Jacobs and Sharp rounded out the star-studded cast. Plenty of employees
from the offices of Etnies West Coast…REPRAZENT! Tons of flashes were
popping, eyes looking, voices talking and faces smiling. A rowdy fun time
was had by all. We’d like to thank Etnies East Coast head Craig Metzger
for disassembling his brand-new office compound to allow a week-long art
invasion; DJ Ayres for spinning the amazing wax again like he did at the
Etnies Showroom launch last May; Mark and Eva Newton for their perseverance
throughout the lengthy This Is Me tour; and especially Etnies owner Pierre
André for his continued support of individuality and self expression.
See you in London!

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