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BMX Team Report

Aug 14 2002 / Wednesday

o Joe Rich had previously thought that
his thumb was healing. Then last week, he started to get concerned so he
went to get it checked out. Now it is way worse than he first thought. It
is quite possible that he may need to get a bone graft from his arm to his
thumb. One doctor told him that he may need to fuse his thumb in place at
one of the joints, but thanks to second opinions, that hopefully won’t
come to pass. The only thing is that the last seven weeks have been a huge
waste of time. The only thing that his thumb is stopping him from doing
is riding—which is what he really misses the most. Besides that, he
can still skate the T1 ramp that he is progressing quite nicely at, as well
as keeping busy running T1.
o Taj Mihelich spent the beginning
of last week being a sick boy, spending a few days at home. He got some
personal artwork done, as well as some quality time with his girl and time
to play with his dog. Taj went back to work on Wednesday at T1 and has been
riding the mini there.
o Mike Escamilla had planned a trip
to Alaska for last week that was postponed till a later date. He had already
put a deposit down on an RV, so he decided to put it to good use and took
himself, his wife and daughter Haley and another married couple up to Northern
California for a little getaway. They cruised around by Santa Rosa and went
by the beaches, seeing all kinds of cool things like seals and deer—which
Haley had never seen before. Mike returned home Wednesday in the early hours
of the morning.
o Ruben Alcantara is still home
in Spain enjoying the sunshine, going to the beach, surfing, jet skiing
and getting plenty of riding in with his friends from home. Ruben received
the first samples of his upcoming signature shoe that is due out next year
and he is stoked how it turned out. He’ll be testing it and making
the necessary changes on paper for the second samples.
o Sandy Carson was home for a short
period of time before he got antsy to ride again. It’s just way too
hot to be riding in Austin right now, so he packed up his bags and headed
out to Woodward camp in Pennsylvania. On the way, he’s going to check
out the brand-new concrete park in Louisville, Kentucky and stay with some
o Josh Stricker was the unfortunate
recipient of a car break-in at the beginning of last week. Some unkind bastard
smashed his side window, ripped out his stereo and took his CDs. That was
a great start to the week and it got even better. Josh got his window fixed
and even though he is minus tunes, some good riding friends turned up in
Philly to session with him in the form of Etnies team mate Edwin Delarosa
and S&M rider Brian Wizmerski. Together, they rode street and hit-up
FDR for the early sessions. Josh also went to the Reading, Pennsylvania
concrete park before it reportedly gets torn down.
o Nathan Wessel’s thumb had
been bothering him, but, as with any bike rider, pain can’t hold you
down, so he has been learning some new little jibby technical tricks at
Woodward camp. Nate also went to check out the Gravity Games last week to
show some of his friends support and party with them. Nate also finished
building some new indescribably crazy ramps at good friend Chad Degroot’s
skatepark in Florida, called Mission. Nate is always busy and was a little
disappointed not to be building the X-Games dirt-jumps.
o Nate Hanson has been out of school
for almost two weeks and has been devoting a lot of time to getting his
condo up to shape. He has been re-doing the wood floors—which is really
time-consuming, as well as giving him a bad back. Nate is busy with Primo
as always, and has been riding at the Block of Orange on Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Sundays. He also got a session in at the new Hollywood Sports park in
Bellflower, California with Etnies teammate Ian Morris and Forward video
maker Dave Parrick.
o John Heaton has been gone the last
few weeks on the MacNeil / Sobe Tour, which he says has probably been the
best trip he has ever been on. While gone, he has visited a lot of cool
places and got back into trail-riding when he and the team visited POSH
trails in Pennsylvania. Also while he was gone, he, like the rest of the
team, filmed some things for the upcoming MacNeil video. Since then, John
has been hanging-out with his girl at home, as well as riding and filming.
John recently got the bad news that his long-time riding friend Mike Judge
had broke his back. According to doctors, he is going to be okay—he
is already walking.
o Jason Enns has been taking it easy
lately and making sure he gets up for the early sessions at the skateparks.
He’s also been hanging with his girlfriend and playing with his dogs
as well as working at the bike store.
o Ian Morris was out in Cali from July
26 ’til August 2 to ride, but just couldn’t resist doing some
business while here. Ian made sure to secure Etnies sponsorship for the
Backyard Jam for next year, got some filming in with Dave Parrick and has
a feature on his bike set-up in an upcoming issue of Ride. He took some
pictures with Ane Morales and Robby Morales (FIT bikes). Ian rode at the
newly-revamped Skate Street skatepark in Ventura, as well as riding at the
Hollywood Sports park in Bellflower.
o Edwin Delarosa returned from the Road Fools trip last
Monday to a sweltering New York City. In fact, it was so hot that he took
the train to go and hang with his buddy and Etnies teammate Josh Stricker
in Philly, where both of them, as well as some other friends, did some all-night
sessions just to escape the miserable heat. Edwin came home this weekend.
o Brian Terada has been busy trying to find new spots to
get some fresh stuff for the upcoming Etnies Forward DVD. Brian has also
been working at the Camarillo bike factory bike store, riding Skate Street,
as usual, and shredding the streets of Ventura, Camarillo and Santa Barbara,
where he has found some uncharted territory .
o Garrett Byrnes—It has been super hot in New Jersey,
so Garrett has been surfing quite a bit and had the fright of his life last
week when he was out in the water. It’s not unusual to see blue fish
out there on occasion, but this time there was something else out there
with him. He said he saw a fin and almost shit himself. His heart came up
into his throat. He thought for sure his time had come, but what appeared
to be a shark was luckily just a dolphin. Garrett headed-out to Woodward
Camp last Wednesday to hang with his friends and get some serious riding

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