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Ruben Alcantara is still in Costa-Rica!

Jun 24 2002 / Monday

• Taj Mihelich
has been wrapping-up some final work at the Terrible One office so things
will run smoothly while he is gone to Woodward camp. Taj managed to get
a final session in on the T-1 ramp on Monday. While he is gone, he’s
going to do some artwork for a limited-edition T-shirt for Ride BMX magazine
to be sold at various BMX distributors and shops.
• Joe Rich had a
pretty miserable week. While riding the T1 mini ramp with Etnies team-mate
Taj Mihelich, Joe was re-learning 540s when he crashed and somehow managed
to bend his thumb back and break it (just when things were looking up).
This has obviously put a damper on his riding. Joe is actually in quite
good cheer—all things considered. He is going to England this week
for three days to visit a doctor who does laser surgery with the help
of magnets to repair broken bones without even breaking the skin. It apparently
is supposed to be a quick recovery.
• Mike Escamilla
left for England on Sunday to attend the funeral of a rider we all new
as “Boyley” (Richard Ball). He returned mid-week to resume
family life—going to Universal studios on Friday with his daughter
and some relatives.
• Nathan Wessel is finally wrapping-up the downhill BMX track at
Woodward camp while keeping some riding on his mind. On Thursday, he worked
on a “how-to” video for Woodward on the basic skills needed
to attempt tricks for kids. Nate wrapped it up on Friday to concentrate
on riding with the campers and helping them out, still getting in the
late-night sessions with the rest of the counselors after the kids go
to sleep.
• Ruben Alcantara
is still in Costa-Rica!
• Josh Stricker
finished his last day of graphic design school on Thursday. According
to the teachers, Josh is one of their best students. This will leave him
plenty of time to ride. Lately, Josh has been working on the trails by
his house where he and his friends built a wall-ride in the middle of
a set of doubles. Josh has also been riding the Little Devil warehouse
• Sandy Carson
has been painting for an art exibit that is coming up in September that
he and a few friends have pieces in. He has also been working on an article
for a Canadian magazine called Movement BMX and still doing stuff for
Dig magazine. At the beginning of the week, Sandy went para-sailing in
the Gulf of Mexico. In between all of this, he’s still managing
to get in some riding on the T1 ramp and some trails.
• Nate Hanson
has been making final arrangements to move into his new townhome with
his future wife in Lake Forest in the next couple of weeks. He has been
attending school while still working at Primo and also been doing some
part-time work at Hell on Earth. Nate has also been working on a suspension
upgrade for the Bronco, while still finding time to get some riding in.
• Jason Enns has
finally wrapped-up his 411 interview, allowing him time to get some real
riding in, and—more importantly—to watch The Price is Right
in the mornings. Jason has also been working at a bike store, assembling
and repairing bikes.
• John Heaton
has been at home working on getting some pictures for an Etnies ad. He
is also preparing for the Worlds, as well as an upcoming MacNeil Bikes
tour with Etnies team-mate Dave Freimuth and the Canadian Beast Jay Miron.
John just recently acquired a computer that he is having fun playing around
with, sending out X-rated jokes and cartoons.
• Edwin Delarosa flew out to LA on Monday with
good friend Vinnie Sammon and Etnies flow team-mate Vic Ayala. Edwin just
spent the week sleeping and getting in some occasional riding. He was
not very satisfied with the street we have out here on the West Coast.
Edwin returned home on June 19th.
• Brian Terada has been shredding the new Skate
Street skatepark in Ventura, where he has to be seen to be believed. He
bruised his heel after slapping his foot down during a spine jump. He
also rides at the Camarillo concrete park (where bikes are forbidden),
but that doesn’t stop him from tearing it apart. Brian is still
working at the Camarillo bike store, where they are totally into his riding
and allow him the time to attend comps or just go session. Brian has also
been working on getting his passport so that he can go to the Backyard
Jam in July.

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