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Patch Kills Contests

Jun 19 2002 / Wednesday

Mike V just got home from Japan
last week and is spending some time with his family. He’s got two
weeks worth of Tony Hawk tour duty at the end of the month, so I’m
sure he’s preparing himself for that.
Rob G also just arrived home from
Japan, unpacked his bags, and then took off to Las Vegas for his roommate’s
birthday last weekend.
Elissa Steamer was home for about
two days from Japan and then took off to the condo that she just bought
in Florida, where she’ll also visit her family and friends before
heading to Europe for summer touring.
Carlos DeAndrade’s visa
situation is cleared-up so he can enter the U.S. once again, but he’s
still down in Brazil visiting his family before starting his vigorous summer
traveling schedule.
Lincoln Ueda is also back in Brazil,
but not because of Visa problems—he is there for a contest that he
wanted to be in. Lincoln left for Brazil the day after he got back from
Japan—that is no joke, Lincoln is definitely not afraid of traveling.
He’ll be back in the middle of this week to prepare for Europe.
Chris Lambert went to New Mexico
for the weekend for a close friend’s graduation. He is also on the
move, not afraid of traveling.
Fabrizio Santos is the only
normal human being on the team that is at home and taking it easy after
Japan—smart man. Fabrizio and I skated a demo on Sunday at Avenue
Board Shop in Fountain Valley. It was kind of mellow, but fun! He was also
recently witnessed participating in a casual session at Mark Waters’
backyard mini-ramp haven, pulling nice crooks and 360 tailslides across
the metal coping—not to mention big full-Cabs on the extension.
Brian Patch is totally on fire. He flew to Marseilles,
France for the Bowlmaster’s contest and got third place, followed
by The Cradle contest in Austria where he nabbed first! After arriving home,
he topped all that off by winning the annual Hermosa Beach Bash bowl contest.
Enough said. Go Brian!
Josh Harmony and Billy Marks are still
on the Toy Machine tour that began a month ago. All is going well—they
only have a couple more demos to do and they’ll be home later on this
week. Be sure to check out Josh’s cover shot on the new Thrasher Photo
Issue and prepare for these two ams to take over the world!
Ryan Sheckler ended up breaking his foot in two places
while filming with Mike Manzoori and Dustin last Friday for the next Etnies
commercial. The doctor says that he’ll be out for four to six weeks.
Ryan’s bummed because he had a couple of Tony Hawk tour demos to do
this week. His parents made him understand that his broken foot is an occupational
hazard that comes with the territory. I’m sure Ryan is still bummed
Tony Silva has a couple of tricks in the new 411 that
were filmed when he went to Puerto Rico and Panama with Foundation last
summer. Tony continues to stay at Dave Hoang’s house since he has
way more fun skating with Dave than in Riverside. In fact, it’s more
his house now than it is Dave’s.
Zered Bassett is in Europe with the Zoo York team. He’ll
be there for the next month and a half, touring and hitting up all the contests.
Geo Reta is sending me a sequence of Zered right now—a switch b/s
nose grind, b/s 180 out on a ledge over a five-stair.

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