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Jun 13 2002 / Thursday

May 25, 2002
The Art Theatre, Binghamton, New York
from Mark Holder & Piney Kahn
all the waiting and all the anticipation, on Saturday, May 25th the day
finally came for the premiere
of etnies first BMX video “Forward”.
The 2nd etnies La Revolution contest of the year was going down that weekend,
so it was naturally a good time and place to premiere the video. Almost
every member of the etnies BMX team was in town. Nate Hanson, Ruben Alcantara,
Josh Stricker, Sandy Carson, Joe Rich, Marvin Loetterle, Dave Friemuth,
Mike Griffin, Ian Morris, etc.
As the day went on, things started to get crazy. Picking up the projector,
checking out the etnies La Rev contest and hearing stories about the cops
coming by the night before because a bunch of guys were setting off fireworks
in the street. A huge rumor was going around that the cops were going
to raid the premiere…luckily, it wasn’t true.
With Dave at East Coast Terminal’s recommendation, we held the premiere
at the Art Theatre in Binghamton. Dave has helped with premieres in the
past at The Art Theatre, and we heard that they get crazy. The guy who
runs the bar next door to the Art Theatre is apparently nuts. At the Little
Devil video premiere “Criminal Mischief” last year, the neighbor
called the cops and came out screaming and waving a baseball bat. We were
kind of excited to see if he would go psycho again. Instead of a during-premiere-freak-session,
he pre-empted the whole thing by calling the fire marshal on us and trying
to get us busted. Nice. Thanks. We appreciate that. Luckily, it didn’t
really interfere with the premiere. Nice try, bitchboy.
We started letting people in around 8:30 and everyone rushed the doors
pretty hard. I actually almost pimp slapped some kid who practically ran
me over, as he attempted to jack a chair from the lobby to put in the
theatre. It was completely packed, standing room only.
The video itself is absolutely amazing! When the best riders in BMX are
all in the same video, and they pretty much killed themselves filming
for it, you know it’s going to be a kick-ass video. And that’s
exactly what it was - kick-ass. From beginning to end, the video never
gives you an opportunity to even blink your eyes…you just had to
hope you didn’t have to use the bathroom while it was playing! After
the first showing, though, the bathroom filled up quickly!…must’ve
been the beer that somehow made it’s way into the theatre. The reaction
was as expected, everyone was psyched, and just couldn’t wait to
get to the after party to celebrate. I’d get in to the details of
the video, but I think you should go buy it and be in suspense until you
see it.
By the time it was over, there was a huge line in front of the theatre
of those that didn’t get in to the first showing. The enthusiasm
of the people exiting the theatre must’ve really excited the second
crowd because people barged into the theatre searching out the best spot
possible to view the video from.
A huge crew of people headed to the etnies after party at the Sports Bar
in downtown Binghamton. The after party…well, there were 500 drink
tickets floating around so you can imagine how it went... I was pretty
amazed at how quickly the drink tickets disappeared. The crowd was hilarious.
A mix of BMXers and the locals. At one point, a girl in a wedding dress
showed up with her posse of wedding folk. Amazing. Ian Morris got kicked
out for absolutely no reason. Crandall puked a lot. Ok, not as much as
I (Piney) puked, but at least mine wasn’t caught on film. There
was a lot of “I love you man, no I love you man!” going on.
A lot of really huge beers and shots and more beers and more shots and….oh,
my liver. I can honestly say it’s the only party I’ve ever
been to where I woke up with not one drink ticket left in my pocket.
I’m not exactly sure how the night ended..if the bar closed or if
we got kicked out, but I hear that we were all banned from the bar for
life. In the grand tradition of etnies parties…we can never go back
to the same place twice. The photos pretty much sum it up.
Four more premieres were held across the country over the next week.
June 1, 2002 Transitions Ramp Park, Dearborn Heights, Michigan. etnies
rep Scott Towne (a.k.a. el jefe de BMX) took on the task of making this
premiere happen. Pretty much every local rider in the area turned up for
the premiere. The crowd was cheering and applauding the whole way through.
After the video, the locals were so inspired that a session ensued and
continued late into the night. Thanks to Transitions and Scott Towne for
an amazing premiere!
June 2, 2002 West Boylston Cinema, West Boylston, Massachusetts. Thanks
to Eastern Boarder, etnies East-Coast rep Chris Gombos, and etnies sales
manager Gary Siskar, the etnies video “Forward” premiered
for the 3rd time. Approximately 200 to 300 kids showed up for this showing,
and they all left with a smile on their face.
June 3, 2002 Java Lanes, Long Beach, California. Right here in our backyard.
Java Lanes is a bowling alley, which turned out to be a great place to
premiere a video. For one, you can set up the screen out in the middle
of the lanes, which allows everyone to get a good view. Secondly, before
and after the premiere bowling was free to those that wanted acquire the
nickname “Striker”. It was, however, difficult to get strikes
due to the fact that the bar was open, and once again there were plenty
of drink tickets floating around. There was also a great DJ (Sam –
he rules) after the premiere that consistently played good rock and punk
The video at the Long Beach premiere was slightly different than at the
Binghamton showing. Parrick had a few more days of editing and he added
some slams. In the course of filming for a video of this magnitude, you
know that there are going to be some serious slams…and believe me,
there were! The crowd loved it and everyone was thoroughly impressed.
Only bad thing that happened all night? Some bitch stole our digital camera.
So, we don’t have any pictures for you! We don’t think it
was anyone who came there for the video, we think it was some sucker who
came to bowl…well, wherever you are, you are hereby hexed! May you
never bowl another strike and may all your beers be bitter.
June 5, 2002 Skatepark of Tampa, Florida. The premier went off with out
a hitch. Over 100 BMX destroyers of all ages showed up to view the much
anticipated and promoted Forward video.
"Once the video started the place went crazy from beginning to end.
People were hoot'n and a hollerin from the first peg grind to the last"
said Andrusko (etnies Florida rep). When the screen went black, the product
toss began and the riot police almost needed to be summoned. Once the
maylay subsided from the free ETNIES goods, The park remained open for
an all Tampa BMX expressions session.
Thanks to all the people who came out to the premiere of etnies Forward
and everyone that worked so hard to make this video happen.

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