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Forward video premier this weekend!!!

May 23 2002 / Thursday

Etnies La Revolution contest, Forward
video premier this weekend
Taj Mihelich just got
done putting the finishing touches on the new T1 office at the same time
he was moving apartments, which is always a nightmare. On Tuesday, Taj flew
out to LA to assist Dave Parrick with editing the Forward video. While out
here, he set-up a quick photo shoot with Jeff Zellinski from Transworld
BMX, checked-out the new sample colors of his shoes (pretty stoked) and
did an interview for the Etnies web site before retreating back to the cave
to do more editing. Taj left back to Austin on Monday.
Joe Rich has been riding
as much as possible, as usual. He said he is getting the new T1 office all
situated. It's also kind of nice to have Ruben out of town so he can have
the place to himself and his girl. The weather has been really hot in Austin,
so it's not that fun riding outdoors-hence the sessions have been happening
in the evening (and during the day at the indoor park). Joe has also been
filming some stuff that he claims is for the video, but who knows?
Mike Escamilla has
been working on getting another adventure going. This time, he wants to
head North to Alaska and document the whole trip by video as well as still
photography-making stops all the way up the West Coast till he hits the
destination. Along the way, he plans to do all kinds of crazy, fun stuff
that they would otherwise never get to do-fishing, whale-watching, white-water
river-rafting and anything else the guys on the trip would like to experience.
Mike has been trying to bring the hammer down with Parrick while at home
here in So-Cal.
Ruben Alcantara has
been up in Vancouver with the MacNeil boys taking care of his athlete visa
status, the whole time riding the concrete parks up there-as well as street-while
trying to take care of two sore wrists. Ruben went to Atlanta, Georgia this
last weekend to compete in one of the ESPN invitational contests to qualify
for the X-games-which are, according to a lot of the guys, not much fun.
Ruben didn't manage to qualify for the finals on Sunday due to a few too
many crashes during his run, but he still has the opportunity to qualify
if he hits some of the European X-Games qualifying comps, Ruben went back
to Vancouver on Monday.
Edwin Delerosa went to the Vans Triple Crown in North Carolina a
week ago where he rolled his ankle and was unable to compete. It wasn't
so bad that he couldn't ride a few days later when he got back home to New
York, where-as usual-he rode the streets of NYC, tearing it up with his
Sandy Carson has been
working on Federal as well as riding the T1 ramp with Etnies team mate Joe
Rich while Taj Mihelich is out of town. Riding the new indoor park in Austin,
as well as street in the evenings. He was getting ready to leave for Binghamton
this weekend.
Nate Hanson got back
from the Little Devil road trip to Vancouver and didn't feel so well. He
said that he felt really run-down from all the riding and drinking they
did while up there, so he took a few days off and just focused on doing
school stuff while still taking care of his daily duties at Primo. Nate
helped install an engine in his dad's 1967 El Camino this past weekend,
which consumed more time than he really wanted, so he didn't get as much
riding in as he would have liked. Nate is making sure he gets his school-work
done before he leaves for Binghamton on Friday.
John Heaton spent the
beginning of the week in Vancouver with Etnies team mate Ruben Alcantara
where he rode the concrete parks up there as well as some street. John also
worked with the MacNeil guys on some new graphics for his bike. This last
weekend, John went to the Atlanta ESPN contest where he entered street.
The course was set-up in a mall similar to the Block (in Orange), but with
way more stuff to ride. The only problem was it was laid out really bad
and a lot of guys had trouble with it. John did some awesome stuff, but
just not enough to qualify for the finals. One amazing line he did was a
backflip to manual to a single kink rail, which really blew some minds.
John went back home on Monday.
Mike Griffin has been
working a bunch, trying to get as much riding in as he can. He's been working
on the trails as well as riding street and spending time with his son going
fishing. Mike was getting ready to leave for Binghamton.
Josh Stricker got back
home on Wednesday from the Little Devil trip where he said he had an awesome
time. He resumed his school schedule, making sure he has time to ride. It
has been raining lately, so he has been riding the Little Devil warehouse
and not much street, but the rain does make for good digging conditions
at the trails.
Nate Wessel has been
working non-stop on the new Chenga World Skatepark to get it finished by
the scheduled deadline of June 1. It's been taking its toll on his ankle,
making it really ache-twelve to fourteen hours of hard labor a day can't
be good. On break times, Nate rolls around the park to check-out his craftsmanship
and the line possibilities. He will be going up to Binghamton for the Forward
video premier.
Jason Enns was hanging
with the Little Devil guys till the middle of the week. When they left,
he relaxed for a couple of days with his girlfriend and resumed his regular
routine of shredding the streets and concrete parks of Vancouver.
Ian Morris has been working
double-time on the upcoming Etnies sponsored Backyard Jam in July, at the
same time taking care of Federal Bikes and trying to squeeze some riding
in there somewhere.

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