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Etnies European Open 2002

May 16 2002 / Thursday

Malmo € Munich € Chelles
09. - 12. Mai 2002
Munich, Germany
street, girl’s jam
Olympiagelände, Eistrainingshalle
For the second time in a row Etnies rider Chris Aström from Sweden
wins the Etnies European Open in Munich, Germany.
It was already the 5th time for the Etnies European Open in Munich and again,
as every year, IOU ramps provided a brand new street course to fulfill each
skateboarder’s dream. One of the most important events in street skating,
217 skateboarders from more than 14 nations came to compet in one discipline:
The course was a mix of street-like obstacles with a special surprise –
a living room was built into the street course! The course featured two
long Hubba ledges, two tall handrails, two long ledges over a small London
gap, a Dae Won style wedge to picnic table and a Jersey barrier/manual pad
combination and classic contest ramps to tall banks with a gap between them,
the curb cut style living room obstacle with a flat rail and a ledge over
it, and two quarterpipes with a 8 feet wide coping over a death box.
Thursday was practice day for competitors, Friday the Pre-elimination took
place for those, who were not qualified through the other skateboard europe
Semifinals were the first on Sunday’s schedule. Jerry Swenson, Patrick
Eling, Florentin Marfaing were qualified directly into the finals. Jerry
did nice crooked grinds to backside lipslide over the living room rail,
Patrick Eling had solid stay on runs on Florentin nollied the living room
gap and did Nollie Noseslide on the Hubba ledge.
Guy Kämpfen had a solid stay on run in the semi final, Sven Kilchenmann
kickflipped the London gap to five-o on the ledge. Chris Aström ended
his run with a Kickflip to frontside boardslide on the big handrail.
A solid part of the Etnies European Open, the girls jam came after the semifinals.
Lisa Schairer from Germany started her run with an ollie off the platform
of the quarterpipe and did frontside noseslides on the london gap ledge,
placing third. Louisa Menke from the Netherlands ollied the gap between
the big banks and did a clean pop shove it to fakie on the quarterpipe,
placing second. Steffi Weiss from Germany won the Girl’s Jam doing
Nollie Heelflips to fakie on the bank and 5050 grinds on the London gap
The men’s finals: 16 riders, two runs, 45 seconds. Guy Kämpfen
got second place for his smooth and technical skating. He did a feeble grind
on the jersey barrier, lipslid the big rail and mixed it up with a noseslide
on the hubba ledge.
Chris Aström won the Etnies European Open with powerful runs. He started
with a kickflip over the living room, five o grinded the hubba ledge, did
a smith grind down the rail and threw in a boardslide to fakie on the jersey
Last but not least the best trick contest: Florentin Marfaing pulled a clean
nollie inside heelflip over the living room gap.
All in all, another amazing year.
Girl’s Jam Results
1 Steffi Weiss Germany Ragwear, Vans, Urban Supplies
2 Louisa Menke Holland Ragwear, Left, Morphium
3 Lisa Schairer Germany Etnies, Trap, Volcom
4 Catharina Sterner Sweden
5 Isabelle Wenzel Germany Sumo Clothing Co.
6 Claire Essertel France Gallaz
7 Begona Cortes Spain Stance Skateshop, Circa, Element
8 Tessa de Pessa Holland Kanabeach
9 Rodi Münzel Germany Etnies, Sumo Clothing Co., Pro-Tec, Enzey
Street Finals Results
1 Chris Aström Sweden Etnies, Clive, Lucky 7, Sexpak, Platinum, Oakley,
Indy, Ricta
2 Guy Kämpfen Switzerland Darkstar, Emerica, Tensor trucks, Monkey
3 Andi Poberer Austria DC, Popular Skateboards, Palament Skateshop, am:pm
4 Jo Lorenz Germany AWS, Emerica, Ragwear, Radnoms, Arnette
5 Stefan Lehnert Germany Element, DC, Urban, PCB
6 Stephan Günter Germany Rollmops, éS, Eastpak, Aveal
7 Florentin Marfaing Germany PCB, Eastpak, Seek, Vans, Square, Arnette
8 Jouni Salo Finland Platinum, Osiris, Dunderdon, Kosmos, Ponkes, Electric
9 Sven Kilchermann Switzerland éS, Monkey Business
10 Patrick Eling Germany ASAP, Adio, Cleptomanix Skateboards
11 Dominik Dietrich Austria éS, Toymachine, Quiksilver, Eastpak
12 Howard Cooke UK Vans, Independent
13 Jerry Svensson Sweden Element, Osiris, Sexpak Bolts, Eastpak
14 Paul Verbraak Holland Left, Vans, Volcom, Real, Thunder, Spitfire, Electric
15 Andy Welther Germany Volcom, Osiris, Popular
16 Jan Kliewer Germany DC, Cliché, am:pm Denim
Best Trick
Florentin Marfaing Germany PCB, Eastpak, Seek, Vans, Square, Arnette
Nollie inward heelflip
Other Skateboardeurope events this year:
... Etnies bowl masters in "the cradle", Bryxlegg, Austria 31
May - 2 June 2002
... European Skateboard Championships, Basel, Switzerland, 15-18 August

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