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'This is the scariest thing I've ever done' - Delarosa

May 9 2002 / Thursday

Ruben Alcantara
has been plagued with a bad wrist as of late, so he's been trying to take
it a little easy-but easy for him is still insane. Last week, he shot photos
with Keith Mulligan for an Etnies poster in TransWorld BMX. After filming
and shooting pictures, Ruben's been taking it easy and trying to give his
wrist a rest. He's been skating some, hanging out with his girl and going
to the lake.
Nate Hanson's weekly
rundown goes something like this
- Monday-Go to work. Session at the Primo Ramps with Jay Miron.
- Tuesday -Go to work. Midterm at school. Go to the session at Block of
Orange but the black bowl is closed for a facelift.
- Wednesday-Work once again. Have a fun session riding street alone in Huntington
- Thursday-Work. Finish the second half of midterm.
- Friday-Work. The day sucks, rain, no riding. Just stay home and do mileage
log for taxes.
- Saturday-Come down to Lake Forest to check out the street possibilities,
have fun checking out some new spots. Photos for the new Fit catalog
- Sunday-Ride Block of Orange and pull a line he's been thinking about for
a while.
Along with Ruben, Joe
Rich shot photos for the TransWorld poster. Both guys went to a park
in Abilene, Texas. His knees are still kinda swollen and sore from a wreck
on the T.1 mini-ramp, but other than that, he's pretty stoked and really
looking forward to the Binghamton, NY La Rev contest.
After coming back from the Etnies trip with Rooftop, Enns and Joey Cobbs,
Edwin Delarosa has been hanging-out and riding, doing photo stuff
non-stop with the magazines, as well as the new Fit catalog. On Friday,
Etnies BMX Team Manager John Povah, Mark Holder and Rooftop went go-cart
racing in the city of Orange. I quote: "This is the scariest thing
I've ever done. I don't personally know how this can be scarier than doing
handrails.On Saturday, Edwin went to San Diego to do some crazy gap to crooked
grind down a rail and got pictures of it. He went home on Sunday.
Mike Escamilla also
went go-cart racing with us, but he placed 2nd due to some shady moves.
He returned from the trip along with the other guys and has kind of been
taking it easy-just being a tour-guide for Edwin this last week. He still
has a few stunts up his sleeve for the Etnies video, but I don't even know
if that is a possibility at this point. Mike also swung by Sole Tech on
Thursday for the BBQ, checked the latest samples of his next shoe and seemed
really happy with what he saw.
Nate Wessel is still
taking care of his ankle, going to rehab and will possibly be up and running
in about three to four weeks. Nate's going to be based out of Woodward all
summer, helping those guys run the bike program-but he's still planning
on getting Chenga Two up and running with one of his buddies, Scott Powell.
Nate has had quite enough of not being able to ride, so he has been cruising
around on his mountain bike-much to his doctor's dismay.
Ian Morris is back in
the UK now and taking care of business. He emailed to say that the weather
has been kind of crappy, so the only riding that is getting done is in the
warehouse on the mini-spine.
After coming back from the trip with Rooftop, Joey and Edwin, Jason
Enns didn't ride that much here in California, but he did attend the
Etnies lunchtime BBQ last Thursday where he filled us in on all kinds of
funny stories about being on the road with the other guys. According to
the others, Jason just owned the whole trip and nobody could touch him in
the parks or on the streets. Jason left for Vancouver on Friday to recover
at home from having to hang-out with a bunch weirdos for eight days.
John Heaton spent the
week at home riding a little but mainly just relaxing and getting ready
for the Dallas / Fort Worth ESPN contest. I haven't spoken with him, but
from what I understand from Jared Souney, John didn't have a very good contest-he
wasn't able to qualify. From what John himself told me last week, he doesn't
really enjoy those comps anyway, he just has to go because it's in his Macneil
Team contract.
Dave Friemuth is back
home in Wisconsin where he is working on the duplex he purchased, getting
ready to rent one of the units out. Dave's also been riding his home park,
getting ready for the Binghamton contest at the end of May, anticipating
the Etnies video premiere and getting ready for a busy summer.
Josh Stricker has been
keeping himself busy with a couple days of school a week and with that obviously
comes the homework. As far as riding goes, he's been sessioning street locally
around his house with his friends, as well as the Little Devil warehouse.
He's not really learning that much new stuff-just staying on his bike. Josh
said it's about time for him to start working on the trails: if he doesn't
put in his time with the shovels, his friends will give him grief, so he
better get digging!
Taj Mihelich had the
unfortunate task of having to help Joe and Ruben move (sucker). It's really
hot at home in Austin, so it's kind of miserable riding there right now.
Taj has been hard at work at T.1 and trying to fit-in sessions on the mini.
He also went camping for a couple of days last week just to get away from
it all.
Brian Terada works at a bike store in Camarillo. They're pretty cool
about him taking time off to go riding and that's precisely what he's been
doing on the new layout at Skate Street Skatepark. Brian said it's an awesome
layout and he rides it pretty well, but pretty well for him is amazing for
anyone else. He has been riding a bunch of street also lately.

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