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Billy Marks has a passport

May 9 2002 / Thursday

Carlos De Andrade
won the EXPN
Grand Prairie Contest in Texas, making him $10,000 wealthier than he
was before. Congrats! He was seen at an '80s club last night up in Hollywood
with a bunch of other Brazilians checking out the ladies. Nice! Carlos went
up to Slam City Jam in Vancouver. He'll be up in Canada until the 14th of
May touring with the World Industries guys. Check the new Digital video
for Carlos' part filmed by Bill Weiss.
Elissa Steamer,
the mighty sloth, is supposedly chilling back home in LA after a spell in
Fabrizio Santos
is still in Brazil trying to handle his American Visa situation. He'll be
back on the 15th of May to prepare for the Etnies Japan Tour. Fabrizio also
has tricks in the new Digital video. His current Etnies ad (frontside flip)
is featured in the video Evidence of Rolling Away.
Lincoln Ueda participated
in the Tony Hawk tour / demo in Las Vegas and reported that the whole event
was a full-on carnival-complete with rehearsals. Moto-X guys were jumping
over the vert-ramp while people were skating.
Chris Lambert is
in Vancouver along with Jody Morris. They are staying with a couple of friends.
Chris plans on skating some street while he's in town. I'm sure he'll hit-up
some parks.
Mike V is premiered
his Drive video at the Galaxy Theater in Costa Mesa Wednesday, May 1st.
His band Mike V & The Rats also performed live. The crowd loved it.
Unfortunately, the DVD master of Drive skipped around a bit, but it just
gave the crowd the opportunity to see good footage a couple of times. Mike
also has a lot going on in Vancouver-playing music, showing off Drive (again),
playing hockey and participating in Slam. He'll also has his family with
him, so it should be a good time.
Rob G is home from
a New Deal video and demo tour which started after the Tampa Pro and ends
Jesse Fritsch has been out of town so much, but it's a good thing.
He flew to Texas for the EXPN Grand Prairie contest and ended-up getting
11th place. He then took 12th at Slam in Vancouver. Jesse will be going
to Georgia for another EXPN contest. They call him a ramblin' man.
Brian Patch skated the EXPN contest in Texas, and placed a very well
deserved 8th place in STREET! Right before that, he was witnessed completely
ruling the Vans Orange combi-pool at the Dogtown movie premiere after-party,
along with veteran vert legends Duane Peters, Steve Caballero, etc.
Zered Basset is so happy to be home. He has been on a vigorous traveling
schedule as of late and is home for the month of May. Zered doesn't leave
again until June, so he has some time to hang out and skate with his friends.
Ryan Sheckler took 4th place at Slam
City Jam!! Ryan refused the prize money so that he could keep his am
status. Ryan has a bunch of tricks in the new Digital video. His thirteen-stair
feeble in Australia is featured, along with a couple of other tricks. Ryan
also had an interesting clip where there was a firecracker attached to his
board which blew-up while he was doing an ollie over a hip at some skatepark-looked
pretty neat. Ryan Sheckler growing up.
Tony Silva is still on the road with Foundation. The team went to
in Vancouver for Slam and they have local resident Jon West to take them
around street-skating. Jon has all the spots, so Tony will definitely get
to test them out. He's been having lots of fun and has been calling me to
give updates on everything that's going on. Last I heard from Tony, he nose-slid
a thirteen-stair hubba ledge with a kink.
Josh Harmony. I've been giving this Toy Machine am shoes
for a week-and-a-half now and he's been coming through already. Josh has
filmed seven good tricks with me and placed 8th in a contest that he, Billy,
and I went to. There's more to come out of this kid, for sure.
Billy Marks has been going-off lately, making tricks everywhere he
goes. Billy has the first full-length part in the new Digital video-featuring
his Firm video footage. I've kept his best tricks for release some time
in the future. Here's a preview: kickflip backside boardslide (gap to rail
in Arizona), fakie backside lipslide (Uni-High rail), and kickflip frontside
lipslide (Beverly High nine-stair). There is so much more saved that will
be coming out. His first Toy Machine ad will be a kickflip feeble grind
down a nine-stair rail. Lance Dawes wants to give this kid a Slap cover,
we just have to go out and get it. Oh, and I got Billy his passport, so
be prepared to see this kid on an international level-taking over the world!

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