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Team Nooz

Apr 1 2002 / Monday

Kevin Sansalone,
Matt Hammer, John
Jackson, Tyler Lepore,
Janna Meyen, Chad
Otterstrom and am rider Matt Lebel will all be competing at the TransWorld
Team Challenge this week at Snow Summit. The Team Challenge will start on
Tuesday, March 26th and last through the 28th. It is a contest designed
for board manufactures to put a team of five riders together to represent
their skill on the slopes. The riders will be judged throughout a slope-style
course consisting of multiple obstacles.
׷ Dionne Delesalle
decided not to join the Team Challenge squad-instead he's in Whistler filming
in the backcountry as much as possible with the Mack Dawg crew.
Nicolas Droz
will be going under the knife this week. He's scheduled for surgery on his
ACL on Friday and already has plans to head right into Physical therapy.
Good luck, Nico!
׷ Wille Yli-Luoma
has been in Salt Lake City, Utah filming and shooting photos with the Robot
Food Crew. He'll be there for this week and plans to head back to Tahoe
for a little break.
Markku Koski
is back in Europe for the next few months. He'll be shooting photos and
riding as much as possible.
׷ Roberta Rodger
is in Canada getting herself situated and ready to attend the BBC (Boarding
for Breast Cancer).
Risto Scott
is getting back on his feet and riding everyday. He'll be filming and shooting
photos as much as possible for the next couple of weeks.
׷ Joni Makninen
is heading to Montana with the Robot Food crew for the next couple of weeks.
Upcoming Events
׷ March 26th-28th
o TransWorld Team Challenge-Snow Summit, CA
April 3rd-7th
o TransWorld Industry Conference-Aleyska, AK
׷ April 9th - 15th
o 32 Team Tour (Matt Hammer, John Jackson, Tyler Lepore and Joni Makinen)-Idaho,

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