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News from the BMX Team Dept.

Apr 1 2002 / Monday

· Taj Mihelich
just completed the new mini-ramp at the Terrible 1 warehouse with the help
of fellow Etnies riders Joe
Rich, Nate Wessel
and Pat Shrader. Aside from that, he has been trying to collect last-minute
footage for the upcoming Etnies BMX video Forward.
· Joe Rich is on
the road again. He was recently in Telford, England for the Etnies Backyard
Jam contest, then a short tour of England with the UK Distribution company
Seventies. He is currently en route to Malaga, Spain with Etnies riders
Ruben Alcantara,
Sandy Carson and Garrett
Byrnes to do some riding in Ruben’s hometown. Joe is really trying
to fill-out his part in the upcoming Etnies video in the next week or two,
because he was out with his knee injuries for quite some time. Joe has been
riding very strongly since coming back from that.
· Ian Morris is
probably relaxing right about now. He has had a busy and stressful couple
of weeks. He was a major player in making the Etnies Backyard Jam happen
(a huge success, thanks Ian!), then he organized and led a tour of fifteen
or so riders throughout England for five demos in five days. He will soon
be planning out the next Etnies Backyard Jam scheduled for July 13th and
14th in Hastings, England.
· Dave Friemuth
recently moved into a new house and has been spending some time organizing
everything there. Aside from that, he has just been at home in Wisconsin
riding. Dave will be heading out to the UGP Roots Contest, April 5th - 7th.
· Garrett Byrnes is en route to Spain with Joe, Ruben and
Sandy. He has been in England the last couple of weeks for the Etnies Backyard
Jam and the Seventies Distribution road-trip. He will be riding in Malaga,
Spain for a little while and then heading to Palavas, France for the pro
contest there.
· Nate Wessel
is at home in Ohio relaxing on his couch after undergoing surgery on his
ankle and his eye. You might remember hearing about these injuries he sustained
a while back-especially his eye injury in which a piece of metal flew up
into it while he was working on some ramps. Nate will be fine and back in
action before too long.
· Ruben Alcantara
is on his way to Spain with Joe, Sandy and Garrett. Ruben entered the Etnies
Backyard Jam contest earlier this month and came away with 2nd place for
his efforts. Ruben was in the last heat of the finals and did the most insane
gap-from a six-foot quarterpipe to a deck thirty feet away and three feet
higher! Wait until you see the footage…ridiculous! After the contest,
Ruben went on the Seventies Distribution road trip. He will be hanging in
his hometown in Spain before traveling to Palavas, France for the pro contest
there before finally coming home to Austin in mid-April.
· Mike Escamilla
has been a local lately, working on getting photos and finishing up his
part for the upcoming etnies Forward video. He has been building some crazy
obstacles; most notably the bent-rail contraption. He will also be leaving
on a road-trip with fellow Etnies riders Jason Enns and Edwin Delarosa that
will take them from Southern California through Arizona, New Mexico and
finally to Texas. They will then head back after spending a couple days
in Austin. The trip will be featured in RideBMX Magazine.
· Jason Enns has
been at home in Vancouver waiting for the weather to improve. Last week
it snowed there, and I’m not sure it has improved since then. He can’t
stand not being able to ride for a day, let alone a few days to a week.
Jason will be at the Zumiez “End” event this weekend in Seattle.
The event is scheduled for March 30th and will feature pro BMX riders on
the street course with bands, booths and all sorts of stuff. If you are
in the Seattle area, check it out! Jason will be in Southern California
in mid-April for the South west road trip with Mike Escamilla and Edwin
· John Heaton
is at home in Toronto, Canada trying to get some extra footage for the Etnies
Forward video. John was in England for the Etnies Backyard Jam contest and
placed 14th. It seemed like he should have placed higher, as he was riding
amazingly all weekend going fast, big and pulling tons of tricks.
· Josh Stricker
is nursing a chunky pinky these days. At the Etnies Backyard Jam contest,
he tore a chunk of his pinky finger off while trying a wall-ride 360. His
finger jammed into the side of the bank, ripping a chunk clean off-there
was definitely some bleeding going on. Other than nursing his pinky back
to health, he has been riding locally in Philadelphia.
· Edwin Delarosa just returned home to New York from his trip
to England for the Etnies Backyard Jam and the Seventies UK Tour. Edwin
was riding super-good in the contest, but twisted his ankle in practice
just before the finals. Everybody was going nuts over the tech ledge and
rail tricks Edwin was busting all weekend. Have you seen his part in the
new Animal video yet?
· Sandy Carson
headed out to England on March 20th for the Seventies Tour. He will be with
Joe, Ruben and Garrett in Spain and then to Palavas, France for the contest
out there. After that, Sandy will be headed to Scotland to visit family
and friends before heading back to Austin, Texas on the 18th of April.

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