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Team Update and all that good stuff

Feb 13 2002 / Wednesday

Taj Mihelich
is at home right now filming with Sandy Carson and the
filmer Stew. Hes trying to get a few more shots for the upcoming Etnies
video. Taj will be heading up to the Toronto La Rev contest later this month.
Taj and Joe are moving their T1 warehouse on March 1st, to a bigger, better
location that will allow them to have a skatepark. More info to follow on
this project. Taj is on the other side of the poster in the new issue of
RideBMX mag.
Ian Morris was out in Southern California during the ASR trade show, and for a time
after that. He is now back in England and will be heading out to the La
Rev contest in Toronto via New York City with Sandy Carson. The two of them
will be driving to Toronto from New York.
Dave Friemuth
is leaving for Japan this Sunday, February 17th. He is heading
out there with fellow Etnies riders Joe Rich , Nate Wessel,
and Ruben Alcantara, along with some others that donҒt ride
for Etnies. They are going to do some demos and ride some crazy terrain.
Details to follow
Joe Rich is currently
wrapping up his road trip from Austin to Southern California to Northern
California and then back to Austin through Arizona and New Mexico. They
were in Albuquerque riding some parks yesterday when I talked to him. TheyŒve
hit a ton of spots along the way, one being the ditch that was featured
on the cover of a recent Thrasher magazine. He was also at the ASR trade
show in Long Beach on the last day. Garret Byrnes was along with
Joe on the trip. Garret will be heading up to Toronto for the La Rev contest
later this month.
Nate Wessel
has just been chillin locally at home, getting ready for
his trip to Japan this weekend. He went to the Minneapolis Street Jam with
this past weekend. Nate will be driving up to the La Rev contest in Toronto
on the 27th of this month.
Mike Escamilla
has been working on his interview for RideBMX mag lately. He just
needs to get a couple more tricks and the interview will be ready. He is
also planning on doing a road trip in March (if he doesnҒt go to the
Backyard Jam) through California and making an article out of it in TransWorld
BMX. He is also trying to get a few more tricks for the Etnies BMX video.
Mike is in the latest RideBMX mag in an article along with Nate Wessel.
He also has one side of the poster in the new issueheŒs on fire!
Mike Griffin
broke his ankle about three weeks ago and is recovering nicely.
He took his cast off the other day and is walking around on it, and apparently
it is feeling pretty strong. He didnt have to get surgery on it, so
he should be back in action in the next few weeks. For now, heҒs just
chillin watchinҒ TV.
Jason Enns is in Southern California this week to ride in some nice weather. He is
also down here for the Demolition video premiere this Wednesday night. Jasons
part is said to be very good, but of course his best stuff is in the Etnies
Aaron Behnke is down in Florida right now, escaping the
weather in West Virginia, where he lives. HeҒs heading up to the La
Rev contest in Toronto at the beginning of March. He will also be heading
out to the Backyard Jam contest in England March 16th-17th.
Brian Vowell just went to the Minneapolis Street Jam 02
this past weekend. The Street Jam is sort of like an X-Games style event,
just not of that magnitude. Apparently there was a street and vert contest
for BMX. Brian is planning on going to the UGP Roots event in Florida April
5th - 7th.
Leif Valin is in Florida with Aaron Behnke escaping the
harsh winter weather of York, Pennsylvania.
Marvin Loetterle is ridinҒ again after having knee
surgery a while back. He came in for some product last week and cant
wait to be 100%.
Mike Tagliavento has a full page shot in the new issue of
RideBMX mag.
Pat Juliff is at home in Pennsylvania, riding and preparing
for the La Rev contest in Toronto. Pat will be driving up the week before
the event.
Justin Inman is at home in Portland. He just got a full page
shot in the new issue of RideBMX mag.

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