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BMX Team All Over the Place

Dec 2 2002 / Monday

o While at home with a freshly operated-on knee, Mike Escamilla has been working on his new venture, a web site called Samurai. Mike is planning to go on numerous trips this coming year and wants to get ahead of the pack with his web site, which will be devoted to his (and other riders) exploits.
o Taj Mihelich finally recovered from being sick, allowing him to ride more at the T1 ramp, trails and some street with Etnies teammates Ian Morris, Sandy Carson and co-company owner Joe Rich. Taj's mom came into town on Thursday and he bought her a beach cruiser so she could pedal around town with him and Roscoe.
o Joe Rich has finally started riding again, taking it really easy--just doing small airs on the T1, manuals and just cruising. He's been really careful about not doing things that could re-injure his thumb. Joe’s been working at T1, as well as taking photos of everything in sight. Joe has a doctor’s appointment on November 27 and hopefully, fingers crossed, the doctor will give him the all clear to go full-throttle riding again.
o Ruben Alcantara is home in Spain until December 27, where he’s been riding and skating a bunch with friends at local skateparks and street spots, helping dig and build jumps at the local trails--all of which he’s really stoked on. Being home has allowed him to get some long-awaited renovations done to his house, as well as spend plenty of time with his family and even some surfing. Ruben is very happy being home in Spain.
o Sandy Carson has been back in Austin for a while since the last Backyard Jam and getting plenty of quality time in with his wife. Sandy’s constantly working on DIG BMX magazine, which is scheduled to get a U.S. distributor pretty soon—that’s going to be huge! While Etnies teammate Ian Morris is in town, Sandy has been working on a tire for Federal Bikes with him, as well as riding with him and Taj, Joe and out-of-town visitor Greg Walsh. Sandy has been riding trails a bunch, plus the T1 ramp with everyone. He went up to Houston on Sunday with Joe, Taj and Ian Morris to do a demo at a skatepark grand opening.
o Nate Wessel got back from Hawaii on November 20, where he had an awesome time. He was home for a couple of days before leaving for Florida to go see his girl, but before going, he got in some riding at a Section 8 skatepark in Youngstown. Nate also went back to the school his friend works at and all the kids he saw there made him Thank You cards for him showing up on their open day. Nate said that they were really stoked to see him, because all they usually get to see is lawyers and garbage men. So, seeing a pro bike rider had to be really exciting for them.
o Nate Hanson has been working and getting some riding in at Primo, as well as riding some pools and illegal skatepark sessions. This past weekend, he finally got to head out into the dunes to test out the Blazer he’s been bleeding and sweating over for the last two years. Nate reports that the suspension, roll cage and engine all work like a dream.
o Josh Stricker can finally breathe--school is over for this semester. He had to do a seven-page report for one class, as well as a portfolio exam that he passed with flying colors. The weather has been pretty crappy in Pennsylvania, limiting the riding sessions, but Josh has been able to get "some" riding in downtown Philly.
o Ian Morris has been in Austin for the past week and having a blast, riding and hanging out with the T1 crew, Etnies teammates Joe Rich, Taj Mihelich and Sandy Carson, as well as visiting punk Greg Walsh. While in Austin, Ian has been working on a Federal Bikes tire, as well as working on DIG BMX magazine and getting his own business taken care of with Seventies Distribution, who finally got the keys to their new warehouse back in England.
o John Heaton has been experiencing a lack of riding due to the bad weather up in Ontario. He has been able to get a session in here or there, but it has been slim pickings. John has been invited to do some demos in Riadh, Saudi Arabia. He'll be gone from November 26 and gets back December 15.
o Dave Freimuth is back from Hawaii, where he had an awesome time with Etnies teammate Nate Wessel, as well as some other friends. Dave has been home riding Area 51 skatepark, which is indoors, thankfully. He’s also been doing some renovations to his duplex so he can rent it out.
o Jason Enns has been home in Vancouver and the weather has been crap, putting a real damper on the concrete skatepark sessions, which are now fewer and far between. Jason has been hanging out with his girl and his dogs, as well as working at Aversion--Vancouver's premier BMX store.
o Garrett Byrnes is suffering from a bruised palm sustained at the Derby Backyard Jam at the end of September. He’s been skating some at the local indoor skatepark in New Jersey. No more surfing for Garrett this year in Jersey, because of the cold winter weather. Garrett has also, been helping a friend of his install handrails for some extra money. How ironic?
o Edwin Delarosa is in Spain to shoot video and take photos for Fit Bikes, along with the rest of the Fit team.

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