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Rooftop Gets Knee Surgery

Nov 20 2002 / Wednesday

• Mike Escamilla went to get his swollen knee checked out on Monday and was informed that he needed to get surgery, so he scheduled it for Wednesday and got the job done. Mike had to get a bunch of calcium bone growth removed from his joint that was restricting movement and also had a lot of scar tissue that had to be cleaned-up. Mike spent the rest of the week recovering.
• Taj Mihelich came out to Cali on Monday for the RIDE Mag concrete skatepark road trip. Since the weather wasn’t cooperating, the crew headed out toward Vegas. By Wednesday, Taj got pretty sick (he only has a partial spleen, so he gets colds and the flu very easily), sending him home to Austin to recuperate and work at T1--missing the remainder of the trip and the La Rev contest.
• On his return to Austin from Philadelphia, Joe Rich had the task of coming up with some shots for his upcoming Etnies ad. He’s been working at T1, skating the mini-ramp and working on the T1 Super World Tour that he’s been planning for a while.
• Ruben Alcantara is home in Spain until the 27th of December. He’s been surfing, skateboarding, jet skiing and hanging out with his friends, as well as riding a bunch. This last weekend, he visited some really awesome new concrete parks in Madrid.
• Nate Wessel returned from his friend's wedding on Monday to got ready for his trip to Hawaii on Wednesday. He will be joined on November 11 by his good friend and Etnies team mate Dave Freimuth, as well as some other rowdy bike riders. Nate is there until November 19 to basically just relax and have fun camping, swimming and to enjoy the scenery.
• After the Halloween Baco Jam, Dave Freimuth had to get some work done on his duplex, because he had some tenants moving in before he left for Hawaii. Dave's Birthday was on Saturday, November 9.
• Josh Stricker spent most of the week stressing about school. It turns out he didn't need to worry too much, because he did quite well on his tests. Josh didn't get to ride too much this last week, but he did fit in a small road trip down to Washington DC this last weekend for his own apparel company, Happy Hour. He was with some of his friends that were going to be featured in an upcoming issue of Faction BMX magazine when their car got broken into and all of their equipment stolen--really putting a damper on the trip.
• Coming off of his second place at the Derby Backyard Jam, John Heaton spent some time at home just chilling with his girl and not enjoying the crappy weather up in Toronto. On Friday, John went down to Cleveland, Ohio to get some practice in at Chenga World skatepark for the contest that they had there this past Saturday. It must have paid off, because John won!
• Nate Hanson has been working on his house, fixing-up the small stuff. He’s also been working and riding at Primo, as usual, as well as hitting the Vans sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This past weekend, he helped organize and put on the La Rev contest sponsored by Etnies at Skate Street skatepark in Ventura, which he also judged. Nate got to ride a little bit during practice, as well.
• Sandy Carson returned from England on Wednesday--three days later than he had planned. He’s been relaxing at home from all the traveling, riding the 9th Street trails, as well as hitting the T1 ramp and getting in some street sessions. Sandy has also been shooting photos of Etnies teammate Joe Rich for his upcoming Etnies ad while trying to finish up his part for Dig BMX magazine.
• Edwin Delarosa found a new hobby--satellite TV! He says he can't get enough of it. Edwin has been riding street with his friends and went down to Philly this past weekend to ride with Brian Wizmerski and Cory Martinez. Cory and Edwin learned 360 barspins down stairs--which he’s really stoked about. The weather is getting a little shitty in NY, making riding a little tough.
• Garrett Byrnes has been at home skating some and riding his bike on the streets. Garrett’s been taking it a little easy for the last week, just kicking it and recovering from traveling so much this last year and getting ready for the T1 world tour coming up in January.
• Jason Enns has been looking for new spots to hit in Vancouver for his upcoming bio in the next Ride BMX magazine video. He’s also been working at Aversion BMX shop. Up until this week, the weather had been awesome in Vancouver, so Jason’s been able to ride a bunch of local concrete parks, as well as some street. On Friday, Jason came down to Cali to attend the Etnies La Rev, where he had a great time and rode well in practice, but failed to make it out of qualifying.
• Brian Terada has been working at the Camarillo bike factory this week and riding his home park Skate Street in preparation for the Etnies-sponsored La Revolution contest that went on this past weekend. The event was on Sunday and Brian won hands down with moves like barspin to wall tap to barspin back in, fufanus on a sixteen-foot vert wall, inverted icepicks on a balcony and a whole slew of insane moves that helped him score a grip of cash plus a brand new custom guitar from Fender! Congrats, Brian!

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