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Etnies Team Racking-Up The Coverage

Nov 20 2002 / Wednesday

• Check the new Digital video for some Etnies team coverage from the likes of Carlos De Andrade, Fabrizio Santos, Billy Marks and Zered Bassett. Zered has a lot of tricks in the Zoo York road trip part.
• Carlos De Andrade is still in Brazil and will not be back until the first of December, when he and the rest of the World Industries team head out to Moscow, Russia to skate a demo / grand opening for a skatepark that was recently built there. The demo is going to be televised on Russian air waves.
• Rob G, thankfully, is still alive and continuing his month long Asian tour with Slap magazine, visiting such countries as Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and possibly Manila (Manila might be left out due to the danger factor of being an American in their country). I spoke to him last week and he said that everyone on the trip took care of business while in Thailand. Rob will be back the day before Thanksgiving. We'll have to see how the rest of Rob's trip went when he gets home.
• Fabrizio Santos is enjoying his new board sponsor situation with Shorty's. He’s still in Brazil visiting with family and friends since the end of the Crail World Cup contest. Fabrizio and 411 filmer, Ricky Bedenbaugh, are currently working on a Rookies video part for 411. The Breeze is also working on his debut Shorty's ad, so expect some coverage coming soon!
• Chris Lambert recently returned home from Japan a couple of weeks ago and has been doing a lot of filming with Bill Weiss and associates for his Digital video part--which is almost done.
• Lincoln Ueda is still on the Tony Hawk Huck Jam tour over on the East Coast, going from city to city and will be making his way back just in time for Thanksgiving. Lincoln’s been on the tour over a month now, nursing a bad back and shoulder-so he’s been giving out Etnies stickers to the masses. He says the kids can't get enough Etnies stickers.
• Elissa Steamer was up in San Francisco last week skateboarding and filming with her Nor Cal friends for the Bootleg 3000 video due out in the Spring of next year. You may be able to spy her right now in the new promo for that vid. Currently, Elissa is filming and skating in Phoenix and will be over here on the West Coast until December 18th, skating, getting some coverage and trying to handle some business.
• Mike V hooked-up with his filmer, Mark Nisbet, and did some voice-over stuff for our Japan tour article that’s going to be in the next issue of 411. Mark’s been working on it for the last couple of months now and it's finally about to come out. Mike V’s also been skating and handling business with his board company, Vallely Skateboards.
• Jesse Fritsch has been skating a lot, promoting his new board sponsor, recording music and working on a commercial for Vallely Skateboards that should be coming out after Steffan Attardo gets his.
• Billy Marks has a full am interview coming out in Thrasher that he’s been working on for the last couple of months. In fact, instead of going to Europe last summer, Billy stayed at home to work on it. The article includes some amazing stuff--from ten-stair kickflip feebles to huge frontside flips. Keep your eyes peeled for it. Billy also has some tricks in the new Digital video that were supposed to be saved for a future Toy Machine video. So, check it out for a little preview of what Billy has in store for his Toy part.
• Josh Harmony has an amazing two-page contents spread in the current Thrasher, frontside crooked-grinding the Hollywood High twelve-stair. He will also have lots of photos coming out from the Texas trip that he just returned from, as well as the San Francisco trip with 411 before that. Can you say amateur work-horse?
• Zered Bassett entered an invitational pro/am contest last week over on the East Coast at Skater Island and ended-up winning the whole event. Etnies flow rider and one of Zered's friends, Nick Dompierre, got third and is currently getting boards from Real skateboards. Zered also has a lot of coverage out right now in Slap and some international magazines like Sidewalk from the UK. Watch out for more of this kid, he's not done yet.
• Tony Silva just returned from a two-week trip out to Texas for the Make A Wish Foundation benefit in Houston. While on the road, Tony skated Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, Chandler, El Paso, Alpine and Houston. We had photographer Joe Brook from Slap with us the whole time shooting photos. Tony’s working on a "Next" for them, which is a small am article similar to a TransWorld Check Out.
• Flow riders Raymond Molinar (Pop War am) and David Odle (Krooked flow) were also on the Texas trip with Joe Brook for a "Next" interview in Slap. On the trip, Tony also talked to Aaron Meza from Skateboarder to finish a Who's Hot for them. Just when you thought Tony has been working too much, he's also filming for a next Foundation video!
• Ryan Sheckler is doing well in school now that he is home for the holidays. He had bounced back 100% from his ankle injury and has been skating a lot. Ryan can't talk enough about how much he likes skating in the brown Callicuts. He should have a Tensor trucks ad coming out very soon and has also been filming with good friend and ex-team manager Rodney Johnson.

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