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Etnies La Revolution Contest Report

Nov 18 2002 / Monday

Etnies La Revolution Contest
Skate Street Ventura
Presented by Hell On Earth Productions

The third Etnies La Revolution contest was held at Skate Street Skatepark in Ventura, California on Sunday, November 10. Since both pro and am contests were being held, a lot would be happening on this day. Am practice was not set to start until 10:00 Sunday morning, but upon our arrival at 7:30, we quickly realized the contest was going to be amazing, since about forty or fifty BMX kids were already waiting to get into the park. Whether they were riders or spectators, everyone was anxious to get things going.

The am contest went off. There are so many good kids out there these days, that you could definitely expect some impressive stunts to go down. Many of these kids were total unknowns, yet they were killing it. With the am portion of the day completed and the crowd at capacity levels, everyone was prepped for the pro contest up next. Pro practice began at about 3:30 in the afternoon. The practice was out of control, which meant that when it came down to qualifying, it was gonna get crazy. Quite a few Etnies riders were in attendance: Jason Enns, Brian Terada, Adam Baker, Joey Cobbs and flow rider Chris Slope were there to hold it down for the big E.

Joey Cobbs is one of the fearless brakeless kids out there, and one of the few who can actually ride to his full capability without ’em. He made the finals, and ended-up in 12th place, showing his skills on the course with a 360 to fakie over a grind ledge from the spine to the wedge, can-can foot jam nose-picks on a six-foot quarter, hurricane to bar spin out, a bunch of bar spin fakie tricks, and a big 180 over the spine. Other highlights from the Etnies representatives were Adam Baker repeatedly trying (’til he was pretty much broken) a wall tap to tail-whip on the wall out of the wooden bowl. He came damn close, and almost made it on one try. His wheel looked like a taco by the end of the weekend. Adam also did some 360 tail-whips and big 360s on the box jump.

Chris Slope has a very silky, trail-riding style. He flowed all around the course doing big opposite airs, look-backs, pedal grinds all over the place, some nice manual lines and a fakie wall ride attempt on the mini-ramp wall ride that put him on his ass. Jason Enns came from Vancouver, which was a real treat for the crowd. He signed a bunch of autographs at the Etnies booth, had fun with the kids and basically had a good time all weekend. In the contest, Jason was kicking ass in practice, but he couldn’t land his tricks when qualifying came around. He just wasn’t pulling the stuff he normally pulls—which ended up leaving him out of the finals. Some of Jason’s highlights were big table tops over the six-foot hip, 180s over the spine, tail-whips over the box, and a tail-whip 180 attempt over the box jump that is more of a video trick than a contest trick.

Brian Terada is mental. This kid is one of the most talented riders I know, and he can really lay it down when it counts. Of course, it helps to be on your home turf. Brian knows this park like the back of his hand, and it showed. He did some of the biggest, most insane stuff of the whole contest—bar spin to ice pick (as well as an ice pick to bar spin in) on a sixteen-foot tall vert wall. He also busted a fufanu on it. Brian pulled a downside ice pick on the underside of the balcony that overhangs the wall ride out of the mini. He also did a manual on the deck of the bowled fourteen-foot tall vert wall. He threw in some tail whips, 360s, and, to finish off the winning run of the weekend, Brian did a bar spin to wall tap to bar spin in on the wall ride behind the mini-ramp. The crowd was going nuts, and, as you could expect, the contest was a done deal! 1st place to Mr. Brian Terada.
Overall, the contest was a huge success due to help from all the Hell on Earth Productions Skate Street employees, the guys from Primo and Fender Guitars. Thanks to everyone for a kick-ass contest!

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