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etnies European Open Cosa Nostra Results

Nov 5 2002 / Tuesday

Malm - Munich - Chelles

The final Etnies European Open for 2002 took place at Cosanostra Skatepark in Chelles, France on November 1-3. Cosanostra is one of the best-equipped skateparks in Europe. A new ledge and handrail was built especially for this occasion, as well as an additional wallride affectionately titled the "Wall of Death". Over 100 skateboarders from all over Europe competed for 10,000 Euros (that's approximately $10,000 U.S. dollars), so it was well worth it for each skater to give their best at the three-day event. The contest welcomed new, upcoming talent such as fourteen-year old Gauthier Rouger from France, who skated through to the finals to place 7th overall, and was awarded a trophy for Best French Skateboarder from the City Council of Chelles.

Fifty-six skateboarders qualified on the first day, including British S rider Benni Fairfax, who qualified 1st with perfect backside lipslides, nollie shifties and long backside tails. Chris Astrom had clean runs with his kickflip frontside sliders on the big rail. Also attacking the rail and heading straight to the finals was Austria's Steve Forstner and S rider Michael Mackrodt from France. To celebrate a successful day of qualifying runs, the crew from Cosanostra Skatepark organized a "Sound & Vibes Reggae Night" at the Cuizines in Chelles, where everyone partied down to reggae sounds till the crack of dawn. However, the party didn't stop anyone from swarming the contest the next morning when the doors opened at 10:00 a.m. for the semi-final and final events. The highlight of this exciting day was France's young up-and-comer, Gauthier Rouger, with a backside flip over the box, which guaranteed him a place in the finals together with fifteen other skateboarders.

The Girl's Jam on the last day was just as tough, with twelve ladies coming from Spain, the Netherlands, France, England and Switzerland to show their best skateboarding in two 45-second runs. Ianire Elorriaga from Spain claimed the street course as her own and placed 1st after two amazing runs. Eighteen-year old Etnies rider Louisa Menke from the Netherlands started her run with a crooked grind and placed 2nd, while Celia Sentenac from France nailed 3rd. The noise from the audience reflected what was happening throughout the hall -- pure skateboarding. When all was said and done, the mens winner was without question. Chris Astrom placed first with two extraordinary runs. Second place went to Henning Braaten from Norway for his 360-flips and his switch 50-50 on the rail. To finish off the contest, S rider Manuel Margreiter from Austria won Best Trick with a fly-over over-crooked. Etnies Swedish rider Chris Astrom was announced as Overall Winner of the 2002 Etnies European Open, while the top Overall Female for 2002 went to Etnies rider Louisa Menke from the Netherlands.

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Results Etnies European Open 2002, Chelles, France
1 Chris Astrom Sweden (Etnies - Europe)
2 Henning Braaten Norway
3 Benni Fairfax England
4 Carl Heisholdt Norway
5 Dany Harnard France
6 Julian Dykmans Belgium
7 Gauthier Rouger France
8 Andi Poberer Austria
9 Thomas Vintr Czech Republik (Etnies - Czech Republic)
10 Daniel Cardone Italy

Girl's Jam
1 Ianire Elorriaga Spain
2 Louisa Menke Holland (Etnies - Netherlands)
3 Celia Sentenac France
4 Lucy Adams England
5 Emanuelle Charneau France
6 Delphine Gaillard Switzerland
7 Fanny Weber France
8 Sonia Khenfech France
9 Clotilde Baste France
10 Claire Essertel France

Best trick Chelles 2002
Manuel Margreiter Austria
fly-over overcrooks
Overall winners Etnies European Open 2002
Chris Astrom Sweden
Louisa Menke Holland

Etnies European Open are qualifications for the World Cup Skateboarding events in Europe.Check for additional information. Etnies European Open are presented by Monster Skateboard Magazine and Thanks to our sponsors, who make all this happen: Etnies, Carhartt, Nixon and Eastpak.

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