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Orange Black Bowl Gone

Oct 16 2002 / Wednesday

• On Wednesday, Mike Escamilla went out to the Point X extreme sports camp in Temecula and rode with his friend Heath Pinter, who is the team manager for Mosh Bikes. On Friday, Mike followed that up by doing a photo shoot with Keith Mulligan for a TransWorld BMX magazine article about riding concrete. On Saturday, Mike ended the week in Big Bear Lake to hang out with his family, do some fishing and to basically just get away and relax.

• Taj Mihelich worked at T1 for the majority of the week, but did manage to ride some—especially with having good friends and Etnies teammates Ruben Alcantara and Nate Wessel in town. Taj rode some new mansion pool that he a few other guys found a little while back, as well as the T1 ramp—all the time clocking footage just in case he one day decides to come out with a T1 video. Etnies teammate and T1 co-owner Joe Rich was there to take pictures.

• Speaking of Joe, he is making sure he takes good care of his thumb with good nutrition and constant exercise, which, according to his doctor, will really help in his recovery time following the removal of the pins and cast last week. Joe has been working at T1, skating the mini out back, as well as taking photos of Etnies team mates Taj Mihelich, Ruben Alcantara and Nate Wessel.

• Ruben Alcantara has been back in Austin catching up on things, going through piles of mail and cashing in all those checks. He rode quite a bit once he got back, sessioning the new Austin park with that awesome wooden bowl, as well as riding the new mansion pool. This has been a good time for Ruben to relax before he comes out to California to do some more work on his upcoming Etnies signature shoe.

• Nate Wessel also returned to Austin on Monday after visiting with his girl for four days in Florida. According to Nate, he has just been chilling a lot.

• This week has been a slow week according to Josh Stricker. He rode some kid’s barn with a spine set-up—as well as some other ramps—to escape the bad weather, but he also did a little outdoor street-riding one day with Brian Wizmerski. Josh starts school in a week.

• Edwin Delarosa is always on his bike and it sometimes catches up with him. This time, he bruised his thigh somehow from doing tailwhips and crashing. He did manage to learn bunnyhop truckdrivers on the ground (360 bunnyhop barspins), which is pretty much unheard of. Edwin went to Hackettstown skatepark on Wednesday and had also planned on going to Woodward last weekend, but that plan fell apart due to bad weather. Instead, he headed out to Philly to hang with good friend Brian Wizmerski.

• On Tuesday, Jason Enns, Dave Osato, Ed Dougherty from DIG magazine, Dustin Guenther and Yanick Dubois went into what the Vancouver natives call the “interior” (basically, it’s an area just east of the city) to see what the towns over there had to offer in the way of skateparks. Apparently, they had quite a bit, according to Jason. Later in the week, he worked at Aversion, as well as riding his usual parks and street spots.

• When I spoke with Garrett Byrnes, he was actually at the beach getting ready to go surfing. Garrett has been riding lately at the drained Asbury Park swimming pool, as well as Toms River skatepark (which he also skateboarded at).

• Sandy Carson spent the whole week up in Vancouver with the Federal team—which includes Etnies teammate Ian Morris—shooting for the Federal video and doing an article on the whole trip for DIG magazine. While up there, he also had the opportunity to ride and film with Etnies teammate Jason Enns in the Vancouver interior.

• Ian Morris arrived in Vancouver on Wednesday, where he rented a house for the whole month of September to let guys from the Federal team stay so that they could film for their upcoming video. Ian says he hasn’t felt this sore in a long time from riding so much. While up there, Jason Enns acted as Ian's tour guide to all the good spots, as well as taking a trip with him and Etnies teammate Sandy Carson and numerous others into the Vancouver interior.

• Nate Hanson arrived back home Tuesday from a honeymoon in Hawaii with his new wife Michelle and back to the daily grind of working at Tip Plus and Primo. It is unusual for Nate to be off of his bike for too long, so he had a little bit of a struggle getting back into the swing of things. It wasn't long before he was back on a mission, sessioning the Primo ramps as well as riding the Vans Park in Orange now that the black concrete spine bowl is gone. Nate also rode at the Palace park in Irvine on Wednesday.

• Brian Terada has just been riding locally around his house, hitting the streets, sessioning the Camarillo concrete park that is now not so much of a bust for bikes, as well as riding at the very bike-friendly Skate Street skatepark. When Brian isn’t riding, he can usually be found working at his local bike store, the Camarillo Bike Factory.

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