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Greatest Hits: Mike V Compiles Brawling Footage For Release

Oct 16 2002 / Wednesday

• Mike V is starting on his new project—a video called Greatest Hits. This appropriately named flick is going to be a compilation of all of Mike’s fight scenes that he has on tape. Last week, Mike even ventured out to Bam Margera’s house in Philly to get some footage that Bam has of Mike beating up four guys.

• Fabrizio Santos was seen at the Triple Crown contest last weekend down in Oceanside with a Shorty’s board. Seems like he’s Shorty’s newest pro and on the same team as Muska. So, now that Fabrizio is at a whole new stage in his skateboarding career, he's feeling the need to get out there and help promote his new sponsor. Over the weekend, the Breeze worked on some hammers for the cameras—Humphries shot the sequence. Fabrizio is also working on a Rookies video part for 411 video magazine.

• Carlos De Andrade also skated in the Triple Crown. He qualified 1st for the semi-finals, but didn’t make into the finals. During practice, Carlos was easily making all his tricks, but when it came time for his run, little mistakes held him from advancing. It’s okay, Carlos, next time.

• Elissa Steamer was over in Europe for the past three weeks on a Bootleg Skateboards tour, but is now back in Florida visiting with her mom and friends and also taking care of the new property that she just purchased. Elissa decided not too long ago that she would live both in Florida and California. She’s actually thinking about residing in San Francisco.

• Lincoln Ueda hurt himself pretty bad during the Oceanside Triple Crown contest. He made it all the way to the finals on Sunday, but his airs were so huge that he slammed off the side of the ramp. High-flying Lincoln mangled himself up a little bit and had to be taken away to the first aid tent. He still ended-up getting 12th place, even though he really didn’t get a chance to skate full-bore. Lincoln’s back is the main thing that hurts, so he’s been icing it. Lincoln is currently on the Tony Hawk Boom Boom tour as we speak.

• Chris Lambert just moved into a new place with photographer Jody Morris and his long-time girlfriend down the street from his old house. Chris was on his way out to Toronto for a contest with Bill Weiss, but decided not to go so that he could stay home to film for the upcoming Digital video. He’s also, been going out skating with Bill and shooting photos with TransWorld.

• Rob G has been doing a lot of promoting for Populis, the new board company that he’s riding for. There’s a lot of noise out of Giant about this new company. Rob has been skating every day since he’s been back from England. He sees the importance of getting coverage, since Populis Skateboards is getting an On Video section two issues from now. Rob also feels he needs to shoot more photos and hit the mags hard. Over the weekend, we skated with Fabrizio and a couple of other guys, shooting photos with Jon Humphries and filming with myself and Ricky Bedenbaugh from On Video.

• Jesse Fritsch was on the bubble for qualifying in the Triple Crown finals, but he was also talking about how narrow the ramp was and had a hard time getting into it, as well.

• Tony Silva shot his first Etnies ad last week on a really tall ten-stair rail in the city of Pomona with Lance Dawes. Skaters usually go there to skate the hubba ledge next to the rail—nobody ever skates the rail because it's just too tall. It’s an amazing photo, beautiful blue’ll see.

• Billy Marks blunt-slid a huge hubba ledge over the weekend out in the Inland Empire to wrap-up his Thrasher interview that he is doing with Mike Burnett. He’s been skating a lot lately, and will have a lot of coverage coming out soon. Billy also celebrated his twentieth birthday last week. No longer a teenager, he's now fully a man—and skating like one too.

• Ryan Sheckler is currently in Australia with his mom and the World Industries team to do a little touring for the next ten days. Four Australian kids won Ryan for a day and get to hang out and go skateboarding with him.

• Josh Harmony is back from Chicago and on a rampage. All he wants to do is skate and get things done. Leaving town for non-skate reasons really cleared his head. Josh is back in a refreshed state of mind, ready to shred, and is on a mission right now to shoot an ad for his clothing sponsor, RVCA. They want to give him an ad because he’s doing an amazing job right now at rolling away from tricks. He just recently finished his Revolution wheels ad, so look out for that to hit the magazines soon. Other than that, Josh has been skating different skateparks to train on different terrain and obstacles, as well as filming for the upcoming Toy Machine video.

• Zered Bassett just got offered to go on an amazing trip to eight cities all throughout Europe from October 28 to November 26 with Slap photographer Joe Brook and filmer Anthony Clarvall for a big Slap article. Others on the trip include our very own Rob G, Montoya, Caswell Berry, Kenny Reed, Jerry Hsu and Louie Barletta.

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