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Lukewarm For Life.

Jan 24 2002 / Thursday

I had this brilliant idea to organize a trip with Pat Odell for a tour
article down to Tampa for an upcoming article in Thrasher.
I won't go in detail cause you should pick up the Tampa Am issue of Thrasher
to read about our adventures (oh, and it's worth it believe me). Instead
of giving you blow by blow I've come up with a list of words and terms that
sum up our 2-week trip.
1) Lukewarm for life.
2) T.F.L.
3) Billy Marks is Hot Crew but down for life.
4) Zered Basset puked after his first run in finals.
5) Anthony Shetler is soon to be hot crew and owes me money from damages to the van
6) Dave Hoang (etnies team guy) carries 2 cameras at all times
7) Tattoos.
8) Atlanta is amazing for skating and so many good skaters (much respect).
9) Carrie is a very unique girl destined to make it big in the adult industry.
10) Josh Maready did the sickest trick to date at the Skate
Park of Tampa.
11) Pat Odell is soon to be a Hot Crew photographer but will be a Lukewarm
for life.
Sling shots and paint balls equal a lot of trouble.
13) Why did I buy a BB gun?
14) Tino Razo is in for it after the Thrasher article drops.
Did I mention he had a handlebar mustache?
15) John Stockton got pop and is homeless.
16) Tampa Am contest is more than just a contest.
17) How we never got arrested once is amazing to me.
18) I will never go on a tour again.
19) 2 filmers means 2 angles at all times.
20) Fake ID's do work.
There's so much more to say and I'm dying to tell you but you'd be better
off buying the Thrasher issue. You won't be disappointed.
- Craig Metzger (east coast etnies guy)
Tampa Am Contest Result
Tampa, Florida
March 14 17, 2002
1 Caswell Berry
2 Danny Cerezini
3 Austin Seaholm
4 Greg Lutzka
5 Jared Brantingham
6 Kevin "Spanky" Long
7 Ryan Sheckler
8 Danny Morrin
9 Zered Bassett
10 Dylan Reider

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