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Lincoln back in action!

Nov 2 2001 / Friday

After what seemed like forever, Lincoln Ueda is back on his board
skating. He was at Volcom this weekend in the warehouse skating the vert
ramp. He's still taking it easy, but his ankle is healing well and he's
back on his board. Everyone at Etnies is stoked to see him back in action!

Rob G. also overcame his ankle injury, spending the last week
and a half out in Houston, Texas. Rob is back and before he left he got
to skate the local skate park in Houston where the "Make a Wish"
benefit is held every year. Onto the injury reserve, Charlie Wilkins sprained
his ankle and is on crutches.

Mike Vallely is really excited about his new shoe and has been
shooting with Jody Morris. Elissa Steamer has been skating a lot
in the secret spots of LA and Hollywood. She also shot some portrait photos
with Erik Ellington's wife, Lucy, for our insane new ad campaign coming
out it January.

The Brazilian contingent, including Fabrizio Santos and Carlos
DeAndrade, have been skating a bunch lately. Skating in a group keeps
it fun, especially when everyone speaks the same language. The Brazilians
are a tight knit group and have much love for each other. Most all the
Brazilians, (including Lincoln, Fabrizio and Carlos), are getting ready
to go back to Brazil, come November, to participate in contests and visit
with family and friends.

Chris Lambert is throwing his body down gaps and rails to finish
up on his video part for Expedition…and, just when he thought he
might slow down, he is working on a Transworld interview with Jody Morris.
Congrats on all the coverage Chris!

How 'bout those Damn Ams? The "Last Damn Am" contest was held
this weekend at Volcom and ams from all over came to beautiful Costa Mesa.
Winning this contest automatically gives you a slot in the Tampa Am contest
final, so the prize was definitely worthwhile. Ryan Sheckler and
Austen Seaholm were both entered and both qualified all the way
till Sunday's functions, but only Austen made it to the finals. It looked
like they both had fun skating, so they are sure to do it again next year.

Billy Marks is on the come back from his ankle injury. He was
out of commission for almost a month, but now he's rolling around, clicking
little ollies and nollies. He'll be back on his board 100% soon.

Tony Silva is on a Foundation trip in New York to help raise money
for the World Trade Center. After the event is over, the team is going
to stay out there for a week to get some work done street skating.

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