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Invert '01 was a riot!

Oct 26 2001 / Friday

If you missed the Invert 2001 show held at the Irvine Spectrum on October
12-14, you missed out on the drama. So many crazy things happened, you'd
be telling your friends stories for days! First of all, the Pro/Am contest
went off on Friday. One of the skaters' favorite features was the Etnies
bench we got to throw on the street course. Mike V was killing it with tons
of speed and big transfers on the quarterpipes lining the outside of the
street course.

Skunk Williams (Etnies Australia) had a really good day skating vert,
qualifying high and skating solid in the finals. We were all pulling for
Skunk to take home the cash when he had a sudden fall and hit the deck
HARD. Skunk was shaken, but not seriously hurt. He's going to be winning
contests consistently if he keeps skating like he did this weekend.
When the skating was done, the Metal Mulisha was keeping the crowd stoked
with a demo they held on a jump ramp they brought. Set up on the asphalt
ground of the Invert show, the ramp was about 12' high with a 40' gap.
Deegan and Twitch showed off with some insane tricks while the stunned
onlookers watched. Apparently, a few people in the audience weren't that
At the other end of the show, the Etnies booth was going off!!! The kids
had the booth swamped during the entire show. The crowds came out to check
out the new line, grab up the new Etnies Skate Team poster, or one of
the hundreds of prizes the Etnies crew gave away. Maurice Capstone (the
same guy that answers all of your letters) was running the booth and making
all the groms earn the shoes, clothes, DVDs (thanks 411VM!), and decks
(yeah New Deal, Black Label, and Toy Machine!) If you were lucky enough
to win a game of S-K-A-T-E or one of the berserk wheel barrel races, you
probably took home a nice prize package.
While we where having fun over at the Etnies booth, a little scuffle broke
out at the MotoX demo. Before we could figure out what happened, a full-scale
riot broke out! We heard it was just too hard for a few people to get
along, and they were forced to beat the heck out of each other. A lot
of people got involved in the incident the Riot Police (Irvine's Finest)
charged into the show and shut the whole event down! We just wanted to
have some fun and skate a bit, but the long arm of the law figured it
was way too dangerous, and cancelled the show for the last day! Everyone
had to go home early, and those who planned on coming for the last day
never got the chance. Moral of the story: Take it outside - don't ruin
everyone else's good time.
See you at next year's show - it should be exciting!

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